Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Top Ten List: You Know You're Done Having Kids When...

We want to say "Thank You!" to those Mommyland Fans out there who submitted ideas for our Top Ten. You made us laugh, and Kate even snorted at one of them. Funny, and yet disturbing at the same time. We won't tell you which one...

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, be thankful (as for us, we're not pregnant, and we can drink this Thanksgiving - Amen and pass the vino!) and come back Friday, especially you Military Moms. You do all the Mom stuff and have to persevere while Hubby is gone. We think you gals are awesome. Lydia penned a little funny one especially for you.

The Top Ten Reasons You Know You're Done Having Kids
10. It takes you at least three tries to get the names of your existing children right, to the point of employing the dog's name first. "Uh - you there, um... Suzy? Jennifer! Snoopy! Sorry - Katie. Feet off the couch!"
9. You will literally have to drive your family around in a short school bus. Upside: Comes with helmets.
8. When the topic comes up, your Catholic in-laws look alarmed and advise you to "pray about it". Then suggest becoming Protestant.
7. You accidently left one at the gas station and didn't realize it for an hour.
6. Everytime you hear the words "accident" or "surprise", no matter what the context, you involuntarily cross your legs.
5. The last time your period was late you were thrilled when it turned out to be early menopause.
4. You have already been approached by TLC to have a reality show. Tentatively called "Little Terror Suspects" Wait -- Crap.
3. Your pelvic floor is so delicate that sneezing, laughing too hard, and coughing fits result in flooding issues.
2. You are so deep in The Blur that you have already forgotten reason #5.
1. You are delighted to learn that you are so done, 'cause the hubby done and got it done. Go hubby! Go Hubby!

Thanks a million for those of you who sent in suggestions and Happy Thanksgiving! xo, Kate & Lydia


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