Monday, January 11, 2010

A Challenge from Kate and Lydia

Here's the thing. We love the Mommyland Rants. And we love all of you. But we need to get our daily number of hits up (web hits, y'all - nothing dirty). We're asking you for your help. We would like to have more folks reading our snark-tastic take on parenthood so we are offering you a bribe challenge to make that happen. We have three goals:

  • To have 2,000 facebook fans by Valentine's Day.

  • To get 20,000 unique visitors in the next month.

  • To be able to put a couple of advertisements on the blog so that we can earn $1.35/hour (the exact minimum we need to bring in so that our husbands will stop pestering us to blog less and work more).

If we meet any of our goals, we'll randomly pick a fan from the original 620 that we have right now and send them a "Fiesta of Awesomeness". The fiesta will include:

  • Reading material, specially selected by Kate, that will enhance your snark and make you giggle. Plus, you will totally get to tell people when they're wrong. Which, for Kate, is her reason for getting up in the morning. Well, that and shoes.
  • A nice box of fair trade Punjana (purchased with a coupon) from the Cap'n.

  • Snacks from the important food groups (sweet, salty, chocolate) chosen by Lydia.

  • A Starbucks gift card so you may enjoy overpriced but deliciously satisfying caffeinated beverages.

  • A playlist of all the songs that we listen to while cruising around in the Big White Tampon, conveniently burned onto a cd. [Editor's Note: Girls, Lydia has Amanda Lepore on her iPod. AMANDA. LE. PORE. That alone is makes it worth it. - Kate]

  • A delightful, entirely legal, surprise.

On our facebook page, in the upper left hand corner, under our profile picture, it says "suggest to friends". Click on that and let as many people as you can know how to find us. Pretty please.

We really appreciate it, mommies. You look great today. Did you get your hair cut?

xo, Lydia and Kate

(c)Herding Turtles, Inc. - 2009


  1. ROFL!! If only the delightful prize were illegal...

  2. Done! Just invited 50 friends on FB!

  3. I invited my friends. They need more excitement in their lives! Thanks for making me laugh and feel "normal" every morning! ;)

  4. Why actually, I HAVE recently had my hair cut, so nice of you to notice! lol

  5. Meghanne, I thought the exact same thing. AND it was my first haircut since August.

  6. 64 from Facebook coming your way. And they're not all ladies... your stuff transcends all!

  7. Done!!

    PS - A button for my blog would be AWESOME!!!!

  8. I wish I would've gotten the invite a year ago, I could have felt this sense of "normality" then. Better late then never!




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