Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's One Thing to Take a Nine Iron to Your Husband's Head

Lydia and I have made it clear how we love Elin Nordegren (Woods) and how, even though we aren't violent people, sometimes one has to make one's putting a divot in someone else's head.
And, hey. Effective. Tiger's not playing on some strange fairway anymore, is he?
Add to that, as of this morning, we sorta love Elizabeth Edwards. She kicked the cheating/baby-making/denying/admitting husband of her out of the house...Lydia and I like to think she would have done it sooner, but she had to find him first. Betcha on days like that, she wished she had opted for a little bungalow, huh?
So, score two for kicking the rat bastards out of the house...

[Editorial Note: Here's where you start humming the theme song to "Maude" And, if you don't know it, you just must discover the AWESOMENESS that is Maude, and why I - and now Lydia - love her so. - Kate]

Go here first:

Now that you got your head bouncing. And then there's YaVaughnie:

Yep. It's a billboard. Seems a jilted girlfriend of a - yes - married man decided to get even when he dumped her after 8 years, and spilled the beans on their relationship via REALLY BIG SIGNS.

Including Times Square:

And another one just outside his family's home.

To the tune of $250,000.

But that's no problem because she just sold the twenty MILLION dollar house he bought her.

The next day, he admitted he had an affair with her. FOR EIGHT YEARS. Yeah, one would think that 47-foot high photographs of him sticking his face in her boobs would make it difficult for him to be like, "What? She's just a friend."

Oh, and she posted all eight years of photographs of them on her website.

[Editorial Note: Just a quick aside here. How do these people go on all these beachy/boat-y/ski-y vacations with people who aren't their spouses? Lydia and I can barely have drinks with other moms for one evening without the near constant barrage of e-mails and texts inquiring when we'll be home. Or the milk status. How the hell do they go all the way to Maui?? - Kate]

This guy is apparently a big wig for Oracle. You'd think he would have seen this coming.

After all, it's WAY bigger than a golf club.

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