Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MommyLand Rewind: The Thank You Note

Dear Grandmom,

It was wonderful to see you! Thank you so much for having all of us over to the house. As you mentioned, there are a lot of us! The food was delicious. Especially the cherry jello. Thanks for remembering how much I have always loved it. I had forgotten that it stained, though. The kids probably should have just eaten it in the kitchen like I suggested, but they were just so excited to watch Wheel of Fortune with you in the living room. Sorry about that footprint on the couch. Hawk is a very boyish boy and he thought he was helping by wiping off his sneaker after stepping in his dessert. After spilling it on your carpet.

I also want to thank you for the gifts! My necklace is lovely. I love that it’s reversible. I was initially a little confused because it was round and gold and so I didn’t really see how that could be reversible but as you told me, the good people at QVC know what they’re doing so it must be reversible. It’s awesome. And Italian!

Hawk is crazy about the harmonica, and don’t worry, the fact that it’s used is not an issue for him. You’ll be happy to know that he played it all the way home in the car. All four hours.

Thumbelina adores the Lancome free-with-purchase cosmetics kit and has been wearing all of the make-up and perfume since she got it. Especially the perfume. Also, adding the shower cap from the hotel in Atlantic City was a stroke of genius. And I had no idea they made lipstick that pink – it's pinker than pink. She loves it! You asked me to tell you what the color was called. The label is not legible (is it also used?) so we have been calling it “Barbie on HRT”. I did want to mention, between you and me, that the Cap’n was not trying to be disrespectful when he called your gift a “JonBenet Starter Kit”. You know how daddies are about their little girls.

Speaking of little girls, I should also apologize for the baby. She is entering a very active stage. I know she slapped your new flat screen TV a couple of times, and then tried to eat the ceramic baby Jesus out of your Nativity scene – but I can assure you, she really is a good baby. She does like to slap, though. I know that I initially seemed a little concerned about how you got that stuffed elephant – the one with the half-shirt that says ‘I go NUTS on-line’. You see, to my knowledge, you’ve never used a computer and the opportunity for mischief on-line is rampant, I wondered what you had DONE to have an internet-based firm send you such a toy. I believe you about the cashews. Anyhoo! Thank you for offering to give it to the baby. She does like it and she really seems to enjoy chewing on its trunk.

Hope to see you soon and Happy New Year!

xo, Lydia

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