Thursday, February 11, 2010

Top Ten List #3: What You Don't Want to Hear

Actual Things Kate and Lydia Have Heard That They Never Want To Hear Again:

10. "What's dis in da tub? Oh. It's poop. SORRY!"

9. "Mommy! Hawk took one of Daddy's brown sodas with a man on the label from the special drawer in the fridge and put it in his backpack for Lunch Bunch, but then it broke and now the car smells funny and there's broken glass everywhere."

8. "Do you have a baby in your tummy? Well. It looks like you do."

7. "Mrs. McLovin, your son brought a tampon to school for show and tell and described it to the class as a 'white cannon' and shot the, err.. inside of the tampon out and then tried to re-load it and do it again."

6. "Come quick! I frew up all over my bed!"

5. "Today on the playground, Kaya told me how you got the baby out of your tummy. You have three babies. So you did it THREE times. Gross."

4. "What's that smell, Kate? Oh. No. Gahhhhh!!!! It's me! Get it off! Get it off!"

3. "You know Miss Polly? She told her sister that I'm spoiled, you let yourself go and Daddy works too much."

2. "Is it bad to flush cars down the potty?"

1. "You need to discuss with your child that it is not funny to kick other children 'in the junk'."

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