Tuesday, March 2, 2010

100th Post!

WE DID IT!!!!!

Kate just opened champagne...with her teeth. Lydia is simultaneously horrified and super excited at the thought of drinking at 2:45pm.
Mini Mini Me is in jammies and is teetering on the back of the sofa. We're waiting for her to fall. Or do a double-twist loop double-back handspring off the damn thing.
Happy has staked his territory at the Chocolate Fountain. Yes, it's still on. It's now a fixture in the house, like the thermostat.

McGee, Thumbelina, Lefty and Hawk are all at school for another 15 minutes. Which means we're not outnumbered. For another 15 minutes.
So, we raise our gla -- OK, Kate just opened another one, firing the cork at Lydia. Fancy! Stop!
We raise our -- magnums -- to you! The amazing women of MommyLand. We definitely couldn't have done it without you! Cheers!

And now, for your listening pleasure -- turn it up LOUD girls and rock on with your bad selves!

WE LOVE YOU! xoxoxoxo Kate & Lydia

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