Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Extremely, Very Short Post

Remember when we discussed what a d-bag John Edwards is?

Well, we just saw this picture of Rielle Hunter from GQ magazine:

You or Dora, who is more awful? And though we hate Dora, we choose you, Rielle. Because you're posing half naked on your baby daughter's bed.

And did you notice this? Kermit and Barney appear to be silently screaming in horror and protest. Maybe it's:

  • "For Pete's sake, woman, put on your pants!" or
  • "Can you at least turn us around so we don't have to watch?" or
  • "Pictures of girls without pants on in this house should be limited to those who wear Pull-ups" or
  • "Even Dora's monkey knows that this is WRONG!"

There is no Maude face for you. Maude is too good for this yuckiness. But there is the little pink guy next to Dora. As much as a stuffed animal can Maude face a person, he's doing it to you.

Can you now just please go away. Please.

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