Thursday, March 11, 2010

I am Lydia and I Love Twilight and I Understand What That Says About Me

Here you will find the brand, spankin' new offical Eclipse movie trailer. I am not even going to pretend that I don't love it. I am not even going to act like I haven't already watched it five or six times. Or deny that the fact that I am posting a movie trailer on my blog. So yes. I am a total nerd and have just lost forever the ability to make fun of other people for being dorks.

And yes, of course the trailer is in HD and yes, it looks glorious! Except for Bryce Dallas Howard instead Rachelle LeFevre but whatever. It has adorable shirtless Jacob and handsome brooding Edward and Bella looking confused and upset. But not like someone is holding a turd under her nose, which is how Kristen Stewart seems to look all the time. A boring turd. And she is impatient for someone to remove the boring turd, so she has to roll her eyes. That's what I always see in photos and interviews. KS on the red carpet looking bored and annoyed and like she smelled a turd. But anyway, this proves she is acting. Because in the trailer she looks lovely and does not look bored or turdish. Yay Bella! Also, there is some Vulturi action - which I love. Dakota Fanning as the evil undead - so awesome with the spooky red contacts.

The movie comes out on June 30th! And I will place odds RIGHT NOW that at least one of my children will be really sick and I won't be able to go see it the first night. Because that's what always happens. I am forced to take care of my poor, pitiful sick child instead of watching teenage vampires in love. Stupid responsibility.

So enjoy, mommies! And welcome to my nerd-tastic world!


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