Monday, April 12, 2010

Georgia On My Mind

We found out today that the great great Dixie Carter -- also known as the Queen of Rants, Julia Sugarbaker from "Designing Women" -- died on Saturday.

And with Lydia having lived in the south just long enough to fall in love with hair bows the size of your cranium and Kate being in absolute adoration of any woman, Southern or otherwise, who seriously speaks her mind, we felt it was necessary to say an appropriate goodbye.

Like every great woman who had an *awesome* yet clueless husband, Julia managed to save for herself the last word on any given subject, mostly because the men in the room were terrified  to contradict her. How can we get that power by the way? Because that would be super!

We would try to quote them, but 1) we don't have the accent, and 2) even if we did, we'd sound stupid. So, we leave it to her. So, just in case you weren't paying quite enough attention -- or *egad!* weren't old enough (we totally weren't either; we completely watched them on Nick at Night or something, right Lydia?) [Editor's Note: Yep. So so too young...uh-huh. -Lydia] when Julia had her reign, here's our personal favorite...

And, thank god, because without her, Lyd and I would still be in the attic...with the prom dresses and old brooms and those wierd headless bodies like from "Silence of the Lambs"...who keeps those? And, gosh, the living room is just so so pretty. We're super happy to be here.

So, to Julia, thank you for your awesomeness and fierceness and never ever aspiring to congeniality, even if it is was part of a competition. Rock on with your bad self, sister, we're right behind you.

And to the great great Ms. Carter, who once said of her role with Delta Burke as sisters on "Designing Women", "it was something so unique, because there had never been anything quite like it. We had Lucy and Ethel, but we never had that exponentially expanded, smart attractive women who read newspapers and had passions about things and loved each other and stood by each other." If Lydia and I come even thisclose to something like that, we are beyond thrilled. 

Maude may have given us the face, but you gave us the voice...and we are beyond grateful.


Lydia and Kate

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