Friday, April 30, 2010

Songs You Can Listen to With Your Kids That Don't Suck

I have a playlist on my iPod of songs originally intended for grown-ups that my kids love.  And you know what?  I am so sick of all of these songs that I want to vomit.  So I thought maybe we could utilize this internet thingee to share our favorite non-annoying songs that kids love (or that at least are safe to listen to with the kids in the car).  The more random - the better we like it.

If you have some great songs, please leave a comment.  PLEASE.  I can't hear any more of the crap I already have.  I'll be updating the suggestions we get from Facebook throughout the afternoon and evening. 

Immigrant Song - Led Zepplin
A-Punk - Vampire Weekend
Great DJ - The Ting Tings
Love Will Keep Us Together - The Cap'n and Lydia Tenille
Sleepyhead - Passion Pit
Kids In America - Kim Wilde
Electric Avenue - Eddie Grant
Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
If I Had A Million Dollars - Bare Naked Ladies
Anything by Taylor Swift (but I like this one, a rap number featuring T-Pain called "Thug Story")
Energy - Apples in Stereo
Don't Go Breaking My Heart - Elton John and Kiki Dee
What's New Pussycat? - Tom Jones (Yes, I went there.  Suck it, haters.)
All This Beauty - The Weepies
Suspicious Minds - Elvis Presley
D.A.N.C.E. - Justice
Lovefool - The Cardigans
The Devil Went Down to Georgia - Charlie Daniels Band
Copa Cabana - Barry Manilow (Kate has seen him in concert like 1,000 times - no joke - and he's awesome - and McLovin gets embarassed when she sings along really loud and dances.)
I Don't Know Why - Fleetwood
Cupid Shuffle - BOB
Kaboom - Ursula 1000

First Facebook Update (Lydia is trying to weed out the suggestions with curse words):
Squeezebox - The Who
Mama Mia Soundtrack (lots of people liked this one)
West Coast - Coconut Records
Electric Feel - MGMT
So What - Pink
Single Lady - Beyonce (this one got a lot of shout-outs)
Zombie - The Cranberries
Walking on Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves
Hotel California - The Eagles
Hey Jude - The Beatles (this one got many votes - Beatles = awesome)
Get ready 4 this - 2unlimited
Pump up the jam  - Technotronic
Gonna make you sweat - c&c music factory
YMCA - the Village People
I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas (Apparently, kids really love the Black Eyed Peas - who knew?!)
Footloose -
Sunday Girl  - Blondie
Pump it Up - Elvis Costello
Brass in Pocket - The Pretenders
Wild Weekend - NRBQ
Groove is in the Heart - Dee Lite (Lydia snuck out on a school night in 1991 to go see this band and got a high five from Bootsy Collins at the show - WOOT!) 
The Great Defector - Bell X1
Spiraling - Keane
Crazy - Gnarls Barkley
Heinrich Maneuver - Interpol
Barracuda - Heart
Black Horse and the Cherry Tree - KT Tunstall
Dashboard - Modest Mouse
Love Shack and Rock Lobster - B52's

Second Facebook Update!
Dirty Deeds and Back in Black - ACDC
Blitzkrieg Pop - The Ramones
"Say Hey (I love you)", "Hey Soul Sister" and "Good Night" - Black Eyed Peas
I Love Rock N Roll - Joan Jett
Mesage in A Bottle - the Police
Tainted Love - Soft Cell
Our Some Sugar on Me - Def Lep (I'm bad ass, that's why I shortened the name)
Rapper's Delite - Sugar Hill Gang
Party in the USA - Miley Cyrus (Ohmygawd. Earm-worm.  Total ear-worm)
Chasing Pavements - Adele
Pump It, Boom, Boom, Pow - Black Eyed Peas
It's My Life - Bon Jersey Jovi
Viva La Vida - Coldplay
Be Good Johnny - Men At Work
Three Little Birds - Bob Marley
I`ll go crazy if I don`t go crazy tonight - U2
Cheeseburger in Paradise - Jimmy Buffett
Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash
Gettin' Jiggy Wit It - Will Smith
Sweet Caroline - the Glee soundtrack
Lola - The Kinks (I love this song but I could see Thumbelina asking some really funny questions)
Istanbul - They Might Be Giants
Kids - MGMT
My Moon My Man - Feist
Zero - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Peek-A-Boo - Siouxsie and the Banshees
Friday I'm In Love - The Cure
Uprising - Muse
It's Oh So Quiet - Bjork
The Goblin King - David Bowie
All Over It - Jamie Cullum
Day Tripper - The Beatles
Life is A Highway - Rascall Flatts
Aqualung - Jethro Tull

These are AWESOME!  WOOT!  Thank you so much!
xo, Lydia and Kate

ps: If we forgot anything or didn't add your suggestion, we're really sorry!  Stupid kids need parenting and attention and all and so we sort of had to rush through these updates. 

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  1. Our daughter loves anything by the Red Hot Chili Peppers...

  2. My Kids' fav song to rock out to is "Hey Jude"... granted I'm a huge Beatles fan, but they beg to hear the 'na na na nah' song and do the toddler headbanging thing to it in the car. Awesomeness.

  3. Ram Jam's "black betty". My girls LOVE it.
    Queen "somebody to love"

  4. My kiddos love "Say Hey (I love you)" by Michael Franti. They jam out everytime it comes on the ipod! And "No one" by alicia keys

  5. Beat it, Michael son is singing it at random, just now, as I think about what would be a good song(s) to add.

  6. My ex-hubby was unfaithful so I love the country song by Rory & Joey called "No Good White Trash Hoe"....and so does my 7 y/o daughter -- oopps! I also love that I caught her doing shower-karaoke to likes of AC/DC's "TNT", Aerosmith's "Dude Looks Like a Lady", Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer". The list is wayyyy to long but altogether pretty sweet!

  7. My 2yo LOVES Ingrid Michaelson's "Everybody" - oh, and the Arcade Fire's song used for the Where The Wild Things Are trailer (it's the 7th track on the album with the missing cover - grrr)

  8. My 5 mo old baby girl loves Springsteen and old Rolling Stones. Her daddy rocks out with her to the Clash and the Ramones and she has a blast!

  9. Safety Dance - Men Without Hats
    Rocket Man -- Elton John
    You and Me -- Dave Matthews Band
    New Shoes -- Paolo Nutini

    @Hazel - my 2 yr old also loves "Everybody" by Ingrid Michelson

  10. My twin 6-year-olds love "Excursion Around the Bay" by Great Big Sea, "Merry Go Round" by Antje Duvekot, and "Walk Through the World" by Marc Cohn (because it was my wedding song.)

  11. Knock Three Times - Tony Orlando & Dawn

    Best. Sing-a-long. Song. EVER.

  12. Here are some ditties from my collection that seem to be kid friendly but you may want to screen for the odd f-bomb before you burn the CD.

    Ain't Nobody Here but Us Chickens - Louis Jordan
    Baby Give It Up - KC and the Sunshine Band
    Cum on Feel the Noise - Quiet Riot
    Dance the Night Away - Van Halen
    One Way Ticket to Paradise - The Darkness
    It Don't Matter - Donavon Frankenreiter
    Cover of the Rolling Stone - Dr. Hook
    Anything, Anything - Drama Rama
    Happy Hour - House Martins
    Heartbreaker - Pat Benetar
    Here You Come Again - Dolly Parton
    Hey Julie - Fountains of Wayne
    Jive Talkin' - Bee Gees
    Jump in the Line - Harry Belafonte
    Love in the First Degree - Bananarama
    Mr Roboto - Styx
    For Once in my Life - Stevie Wonder
    Caught Up in You - 38 Special

  13. Whoops, I already caught a H-E-double-hockey-sticks in one song from my list. Definitely pre-screen. Sorry 'bout that. I was going for toe-tappin' more than content.

  14. Grace Kelly is a FABULOUS song. I love Mika. Definitely on my "MUST PLAY" at my wedding. :) Approve.

  15. Build me up Buttercup, baby!

  16. Three words: Weird Al Yankovic. Oh ya. I went there. LOVE HIM.

  17. I have two: Jerry Was A Racecar Driver (Primus) and Lucy in the Sky. Great parenting, huh?

  18. My best friend Momma B and I took all 6 of our girls to the park and there was some sort of bbq/picnic going on with a dj. They started playing the Cha Cha Slide and Momma B and I look up to see my 9 year old dancing away... I was torn between making her stop and showing her how its really done.

  19. One of my son's faves is "The Bird" by Morris Day and the Time. LOL He loves shaking his booty to that one.

  20. Both of my kids love "Here Comes the Sun" and "Back in the USSR" by the Beatles.

  21. OMG - you have such good taste in music! love that you have vampire weekend and passion pit on your list. Also what about anything by U2? Thats' my first favorite band - (Fleetwood Mac is second) "Beautiful Day," Elevation (okay that one get's questionable "At the corner of your lips
    As the orbit of your hips" but such a fun beat - I would imagine kids would love it (wouldn't know from experience as I don't have any).

    If you like Vampire Weekend and Passion Pit - what about a lot of Pheonix songs. Their most known are "Listomania" and "1901" - both kid appropriate

  22. My kids love Viva la Vida by Coldplay. They sing along on the "whoaoaAWWAaaaaaaahh" part.

  23. Yellow Submarine -- The Beatles
    Touch of Gray -- The Grateful Dead
    Wagon Wheel -- Old Crow Medicine Show
    Let's Go Crazy, Kiss -- Prince
    Ants Marching -- Dave Matthews Band
    Gotta Jiboo -- Phish
    Pretty much anything by Jack Johnson
    Wow, I'm kind of a hippie

  24. my son requests "the walk away song" (a.k.a. "I Will Follow") by U2 ad nauseum.

    i realized halfway through "sex on fire" by kings of leon that that was probably inappropriate.

  25. @ Anonymous #2 above... I had never heard that song.. I don't know how I could have missed it, but I.LOVE.IT. Thank you for adding to my passive agressive screw the ex playlist!

  26. I'm thinking a little "Brick House", by the Commodores' My 4 year old also rocks out to "Eye of the tiger" by survivor she knows all the words and sings it everywhere we go! lol

  27. Random and Badass.....
    Propellerheads - History Repeating (1997)

  28. My son loves everything Bon Jovi and refers to his favorite as "Yucky Medicine". Also anything Mat Kearney. . .

  29. I went old-school with some of my list...

    Charlie Brown - The Coasters
    Poison Ivy - The Coasters
    Yakety-Yak - The Coasters
    Day-O - Harry Belafonte
    Jump In The Line - Harry Belafonte
    Splish Splash - Bobby Darin
    Sh-Boom - The Chords
    Stand By Me - Ben E. King
    Wolly Bully - Sam Sham & The Pharoahs

    And others
    ABC - Jackson 5
    I Can See Clearly Now - Jimmy Cliff
    I Want Candy - Bow Wow Wow

  30. My 2 1/2-year-old loves some of the W songs from my husband's iPod:

    Welcome to the Pleasure Dome - Frankie Goes to Hollywood [not sure that I like my 2-year-old singing this one, but my husband thinks it's fine]

    Well Alright - Spoon [he calls it the "Surfer Song"]


    Alison - Elvis Costello
    One Tribe - the Black Eyed Peas
    This Too Shall Pass - Ok Go [loves the video]
    I Feel Love - The Blue Man Group version with Venus Hum
    Hands Up in the Air - Boom Crash Opera [Australian 80s band]

    Mummer's Dance - Loreena McKennit

    And in general:
    Led Zeppelin
    The Talking Heads

    Have you considered songs by Sandra Boyton? They are technically "kids" songs, but they're very catchy and clever. I particularly like the entire "Blue Moo" album, which my parents bought for my son because it's in the style of 50s/early 60s music from their era. A particular highlight is Davy Jones singing a song called "Personal Penguin," and my son loves the song "Singin' in the Shower" so much he'll actually request it as a lullaby, even though it's an uptempo song!

    Great post.

  31. Spirit in the Sky - Norman Greenbaum

    Ain't No Mountain High Enough,
    I Heard it Through the Grapevine - Marvin Gaye

    Peace Train - Cat Stevens

    Something You Got,
    Yes We Can,
    Working in a Coal Mine - Harry Connick Jr

    Day Tripper - The Beatles

  32. Life's like a jump rope - Blue October

    It's like one of the only songs they have that isn't full of "grown up words" but my kids LOVE it!! My sister runs a daycare and she gets all the kids to sing it with her, it's so awesome!

  33. Anything by Cake is awesome: my kids really love "Short Skirt/Long Jacket," "Love You Madly," & "Mahna Mahna." Also try The Killers - particularly "All These Things That I've Done." All great alternative songs for children of the grunge era (like myself) & appropriate for the kiddos. One more great new song that my songs loves simply 'cause the group is named Hockey, "Too Fake." Another great one for singing along in the car. Enjoy!

  34. For the musical theatre dorks out there, the Wicked soundtrack is kid friendly and catchy. Probably too catchy, as I'd catch myself singing it in the shower and my husband would call me an uber dork. I'm not an uber dork and I actually don't have a huge love for musical theatre... just that one. heh.
    Plain White Tees are pretty clean too

  35. "The Littlest Birds" by the Be Good Tanyas is a great dancing song in our house.

  36. These are the songs my 8 year old daughter loves to sing along with me in the car:

    Dancing Queen - Abba
    Walk Like An Egyptian - The Bangles
    Glory Day - Bruce Springsteen
    Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood
    Karma Chameleon - Culture Club
    Come On Eileen - Dexy's Midnight Runners
    Freeze Frame - J Geils Band
    Walking on Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves
    Funkytown - Lipps Inc
    I'm a Believer - Smashmouth
    She Blinded Me With Science - Thomas Dolby
    500 Miles - The Proclaimers

    Yeah, lots of 80's stuff - hey, it's MY iPod!!

  37. My son's love:
    Handlebars- Flobots
    Jukebox Hero- Foreigner (don't ask...)
    Jeremiah was a Bullfrog- CCR
    Have you Ever Seen the Rain- CCR
    Down on the Corner- CCR
    Song of the South- Alabama
    What I've Done- Linkin Park

    And other things I'm sure I'm forgetting

  38. OUTKAST- hey ya. michael buble- all of it. Frank (Sinatra, but she just calls him "frank") Eleanor's faves.

  39. Just about anything by Elton John, my kids especially like Crocodile Rock and Rocketman

  40. Lunatic Fringe - Red Rider
    Through the Fire and Flames - Dragonforce
    Muse - Knights of Cydonia
    These are all on Youtube. Muse has great Videos and rocks on Guitar Hero III.

  41. My 3 year old loves Bjork, Grandaddy, and Prodigy (okay, that last one I need to be more careful of now). My baby loves the new Gorillaz album.

  42. Abigail, Love love love your hippieness. My daughter is actually named for a Phish song (Piper) and Gotta Jibboo is AWESOME. Julius too!

    Anything Presidents of the United States of America, particularly Peaches, Little Blue Dune Buggy, Ladybug..
    In fact, Chris Ballew has a kids collection under the name of Caspar Babypants that is worth a listen!

  43. I am not lying when I say my kids, particularly my toddler daughter, love what my daughter has dubbed "Princess Metal". This would be metal bands with female singers. Current favorites are Lacuna Coil and Sirenia, but Evanescence gets the nod too. No, there are no curse words that I've noticed. I *love* my children!

  44. Nothing funnier than looking in the rear view mirror to see my 5 yr old son singing along to Bon Jovi's "Bad Medicine".

    Their favorite song, though, is Ozzy's "Zombie Stomp". Also hilarious to hear my 2 yr old daughter demand from the back seat "Zombie Stomp, Mommy!"

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  46. Great selection, I've never seen a list like this before!

  47. Try these guys. They are a rock band specifically for kids. All their music and videos are on their site for free.

  48. As crazy as it sounds, a version of "Get Low" by Ludicrous was on and Zombie Apolocalpyse by Splitbreed was being requested by my 3 year old. Talk about new school!




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