Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Break is OVER! Hurrah!

We are so glad to be back.  You have no idea.  We took last week off to be with our families.  And by "off" we mean that we had all of our kids, all of the time with no break at all.  And while our children are the most adorable, hilarious little critters on earth, ten more minutes in the car with them and we will lose our collective schmidt.

But thankfully, Easter is over and the bunny has hopped away home, leaving his small, chocolately, egg-shaped droppings all over the house.  (Editor's Note: Terrific.  I just finished the damn Samoas and now I have more chocolate to contend with. Snitches. - Lydia)

And of course, LENT IS OVER.  So you know Kate had a box of some wine last night.  Everyone in her house is breathing a sigh of THANKYOUGOD.  And sadly, Lydia's Lenten pledge not to yell at her kids died about two weeks ago.  About the same time that Hawk gave the baby a Sharpie.  And then her pledge went directly into the toilet on her family roadtrip to the Farm-Farm-Farmitty-Farm last week.  Oh well.  Tomorrow is a new day!  And one where they'll be in school.  Which will make it a lot easier not to yell at them. 

But the big news is that we're back and after taking a week off blogging - we are so happy to be here in MommyLand.  Here's what happened when we got together this morning after dropping off the kids...

(Just so you know - this movie is 3 trifling minutes long and proves once and for all why we are more awesome than even Britney-and-Justin-post-break-up-pre-KFed-accidently-meeting-up-at-a-club.)

Here are some post-cards from Lydia's trip to Farmitty Farm.  Tomorrow Kate will discuss her awesome Spring Break and the Empire State of Mind that resulted in her and her offspring not being allowed back.

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