Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day from Aunt Mary

Aunt Mary sends her best wishes for Mother's Day to Lydia and Kate, and their mothers and grandmothers. You ladies are terrific. And to all you others who wish I was your Aunt Mary, I send best wishes too.

When I was walking the dogs this morning I had a list in my head of all sorts of wonderful things I would share. Well that was then and this is now and I can't remember any of them.

Ooops… Here they are.

1. Find a church with lots of old people and no kids. Take your children there. One of two things will happen. Either you will be asked not to come back OR they will be so thrilled to see little people they will ignore everything wrong the kids do. Quaker meetings are also good for this.

2. Make sure you get yourself to the dentist at least once a year.

3. Go for your physical. In fact, ask Dad to make the appointment for you.

4. Don't beat yourselves up about things. What is done today is over. There will be fresh poop in the potty tomorrow.

5. Laugh. Take pictures.

6. Keep in touch with friends, both the mommy friends and the rest of your network.

7. Buy your own presents and don't resent the fact that you do. Ask your husband for a love letter now and then.

8. Be thankful. If all you have to face in life is what Kate and Lydia have covered so far, you are leading fairytale lives.

This last may be the most important and I don't mean anything critical by using the word Fairytale. My youngest son needed open heart surgery at age 7, and survived. Other parents lose children, through crime and accident and disease. We are lucky that our babies grow up and get on with their own lives.

So have a happy Mother's day and enjoy the attention. I am proud of you all and send you hugs and kisses.


Aunt Mary

PS: If you’re wondering who in the blue blazes Aunt Mary is – click here.

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