Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Tribute: Hooah! Ahroo! Hooyah! Oorah!

There are one and a half million men and women who put on a uniform every day. Add in the reserves, and that's another one and half million.

Three million people. And they all freakin' volunteered to do it. To be away from their families. To get sent to God knows where. To fight for freedom and love of country. To die.

OK, let's face it, for some of these guys and gals, it's totally a chance to play in mud and carry big weapons and blow up sh*t. Because who doesn't want to be Arnold Schwarzenegger (commando, not governor) or Linda Hamilton (terminator, not beauty) every once in a while? The closest Kate ever gets to that is watching football. And that girl loves her some football. She actually puts on a jersey and sometimes a helmet -- in her house --  and her voice drops about 27 octaves and she's yelling things like "Get him! GET HIM! Break his knees!" and the helmet is because she jumps up on the sofa and bangs her head on the ceiling. She may have a little too much testosterone in her. Maybe. (Yes.)

The point: there's this funny little piece of paper. It's super old and it has a lot of signatures on it. One of them super big, because that guy wanted to do a big F-U to a king, and back in those days you didn't say F-U, you signed really big. It's kinda like writing in ALL CAPS now. It's loud-y and hostile. John Hancock, you bad ass, for being a guy in a wig. You are the pioneer of telling someone to suck it. And since it was King George, it really was the first documented version of Suck It, Fancy.

So this paper says all these great things we believe in, like the right to tell someone to Suck It... and that everyone gets to be happy and -- unless they do something horrible -- to live a pretty cool life in a country that rocks. And the best things is, we wrote one of these when we were like 45 minutes old. It's like your toddler telling you and your babydaddy, "Hey, I think I can parent guys did alright, but I can handle it from here..."

No, here's the best part. We live and breathe and fight and die to preserve what that paper -- and it's cousin -- is about. [Editor's Note: Kate is a history major, so indulge her for a minute...she loves these documents. -Lydia] And our military men and women don't care who sits in a chair in an elliptical room in a white house or what the current stupid political battle is about, they suit up every day and go and keep that piece of paper alive and real.

And there is ONE thing that makes that possible. That amazing group of moms and wives and dads and husbands that stay home and read stories and take kids to school and fix the meals and run the errands and pay the electricity bill and never whine about what they have to do or what they are giving up while their loved one gives everything to everyone else. They just put on their big kid pants and do it. You guys make it look easy. And it ain't. And we don't thank you enough. THANK YOU. For your hard work. For your incredibly huge and difficult sacrifice. For letting us borrow - and God willing, return - your treasure. In a sea of uniforms, you can spot that one face that belongs to the love of your life. We pray you get to see that face really soon.  Memorial Day is yours, too and we honor you.

Besides, we totally love watching the serious PDA that happens when they get back. We high-five and giggle over the smoochies that mean that Afghanistence is nearly over.  And we ugly cry when we see kids reunited with their parents.
For every one man and one woman who puts on that uniform - with pride and honor and love of this country - there is a mom and a dad, a brother and a sister, a son and a daughter, a husband and a wife - who gives them a kiss goodbye, says a prayer, and sends them into the world. The treasure of this great country, gift wrapped for the world in fatigues, dress whites, green berets and navy blue.

And, oh, don't they look just yummy in them? Is there not something about seeing someone at the airport or somewhere in those I-have-muscles-in-places-you-can't-even-imagine uniforms with the spit shine shoes or those jacked up Timberland-boots-on-steroids. Damn. And let's not forget about the hair, all high and tight and even their skulls are muscle-y. How do they even do that?

Again, the point...Kate is easily distracted, clearly. Half a world away, there's people who hate us and people who need us. And our guys and gals go out and face one and help the other. And, then they come home...or they don't. And to those that do, welcome home. We love you and thank you. And for those who don't, every day - but especially today - we thank you, your family, and we miss you terribly.

Be safe out there. Come home soon.

Love, Kate & Lydia

P.S. Can y'all please make another Lady Gaga video? Because that was AWESOME!

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  1. Thank you for hitting the right balance of humor and appreciation.
    However, the Lady Gaga video...all I can say is, "Sigh. POGs."

  2. I, too, ugly cry when I see kids reunited with parents coming home from war. And I mean UGLY cry. Sometimes for days... as in, every time I remember it, I cry again.

    Happy Memorial Day to all of those men and women who lost their lives so that I can sit here in my jammies and do nothing ... whenever I want. It puts things in perspective, no? And makes me maybe even want to get out of my jammies and do something to make all those sacrifices worthwhile.

  3. Thank you so much ladies!!! (My husband reads this with me occasionally and he shares his thank you for your support as well!) P.S. Here's one of my fav's...

  4. Beautiful! I'm reposting this link to my friends who are married to military men.

    I want another video, too. When my 13 year old dances to Telephone, she doesn't dance like LG. She dances like the soldiers.

  5. As a military wife recently reunited with a deployed husband, thank you. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Looking back I should have asked for more help. But I was determined to be stong and survive on my own. And we did, house didn't collapse, kids were fed, it's all good.

    Please remember that Memorial Day is for all of those in the military who are no longer with us - a day to remember them. Veteran's Day is to thank those who are still with us. Of course a thank you is always appreciated but for those wearing those uniforms, there is a big difference.

    Thank you.

  6. Very nicely put and the video is priceless! :)

  7. This was awesome. Thank you both! So many of us don't stop to appreciate the servicemen and women and their families. I know I don't which is ridiculous because I come from a large military family and have two cousins deployed presently.

  8. Thanks for a wonderful Memorial Day post. Made me laugh and cry. Thanks for recocgnizing the military spouses, too. We never think about what we're doing when our loved one is gone, we just DO because we have to. I'm extremely proud of my husband and all our military men and women. And by the way, I LOVE your definition for Afghanistance! Been there, done that. ;-)

  9. Thanks for a great post. You want an ugly cry? Here is my favorite daddy/kid reunion video:

    That'll do it.

    And this is my favorite deployed soldier video. Apparently this guy doesn't have enough to do, lol.

    From an Army wife, I have to give you ladies a big HOOAH for making me laugh, each and every day.

  10. As a Marine wife who just said goodbye, this really hits home for me. Yes we "knew what we were getting into" when we married our spouses...but you never really "know" what that means until you live it.

    He has been in 10 years this month, and even though the deployments get harder (as our 2 boys get older they now understand what it means when Daddy is "away"), I could not be more proud to live the life that we do. My husband loves his job, and should he have to give his life for it, I at least have the peace of knowing that he was doing what he felt was his calling.

    Thank you Ladies for this post----I have only found you recently, but it truly takes "Mommas" to get what Mommyhood is all about, military or otherwise.

    Semper Fidelis!

  11. this post is AMAZING!! i am reading through the archives, as i am fairly new to RFML. this post had me all sentimental and mushy, then the video at the end was PERFECT!!!! thank god i not too many people saw me almost pee my pants as i watched it!! ya'll find the funniest stuff!!!
    <3 RFML




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