Monday, June 28, 2010

Funniest F***ing Thing I Heard All Day: POP!

This weekend was our neighborhood's Ice Cream Social. It's also when we get a chance to meet all of our new neighbors who have moved in since our Halloween Pizza Party.

The Pole Dancer, Season One and I were greeting a new couple and their baby boy, when McGee comes up begging to go to the creek that runs alongside the neighborhood. I gave her an emphatic "No." To which she pouted and stomped around  like she weighed six thousand pounds.

Season One asked why I wouldn't let her go, confessing he would have said yes.

"The last time we were down there, I found a used Trojan. Used. She'll never go there again."

To which he said:

"Yeah, she found the box of those I have one day. I told her they were Daddy balloons. She asked if she could blow one up. I thought it was best to say no. She wasn't pleased."

The End.

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  1. I am thinking they are actually non-daddy balloons....just a thought....totally funny. You guys would sooo fit in my family..

  2. my word verification for who is pole dancer was

    'nostry' is she?? is she really??lol

  3. Who is the Pole Dancer??

  4. My kids have found ours (on multiple occasions, and we DO hide them) and used them as gloves, a la the-ones-the-doctor-wears. Awesome. I try not to make a big deal out of it when these discoveries occur; otherwise the little angels will give loud discourses on the subject to supermarket clerks.

  5. Yes - who is this pole dancer? I haven't heard her mentioned before. - add it to the MLDR?

  6. Five bucks says The Pole Dancer is Season One's current girlfriend/wife.

  7. I laughed so hard I swear I peed! You guys crack me up!

  8. further proof that men should not be left alone with children...

  9. Did you cringe just a little at the thought he has a box of Trojans? I would have even though I know you're happily remarried.

    And GROSS at the creek, seriously! My son and some friends found a used one on the PLAYGROUND at school! WTF people? Throw that stuff in a trash can, they're not just for your protection!




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