Sunday, June 26, 2011

Funniest F***king Thing I Heard All Day: True Blood

Lydia is obsessed with the TV show True Blood. She is also obsessed with all the books that the TV show is based on but since the TV show's new season is starting tonight - we thought we'd re-post this.  Lydia will be drinking a Pinot Noir t-box and watching this epsiode several times tonight. Oh even yesser.


True Blood is awesome.  It is equal parts violent, campy, porny and hilarious.  I have to fast forward through the really porny parts because even though I love to tell people to "Suck it" I get really squeamish about actually watching them do it.  The Cap'n does not like True Blood and doesn't appreciate how often he is forced to watch it.  He also says he finally understands his wife's odd prediliction for the show. Here is his logic in a snazzy pictorial...

Cap'n: "Look at the picture from the title sequence.  Now what does that look like to you, Lydia?"
Lydia: "Hell if I know, now shhhhh.... Eric is crying tears of blood and it's fantastic."

Cap'n: "Now look at this. Ring any bells?"
Lydia: "No!  Stop interrupting all the bad southern accents!  Jason is shooting that bad man with a paint ball gun after doing it with his awful wife!"

Cap'n:"You see this mylar bag?  The one I periodically see you squeezing every last drop of your mommy juice out of?  Look familar NOW?"
Lydia: "YES!  I'm a vampire!  Goody goody goody! Now would you please hush? I need to fast forward through this creepy demon orgy."

I am an idiot.  The End.

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