Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Funniest F***king Thing I Heard All Day: MacGyver

Lydia was hanging out with a bunch of mommies and kids in her neighborhood.  One of the kids broke his brand new pair of glasses.  He came over to the mommies looking upset and worried.  My neighbor and friend Mimi (the Phillippina Queena) asked to see the glasses and then sent her kids running to fetch thread, a paperclip and superglue from her house. 

She looked at the little boy and said "Don't worry, I can fix this." And then she fixed them good as new in true MacGyver fashion in about three minutes. 

We were all very impressed.  One of the other moms remarked: "Mimi! You are so crafty!"

She raised one eyebrow sardonically and said: "Woman, I'm from a third world country.  We call it being resourceful."

The End.

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