Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day from Aunt Mary

Lydia here.  Kate and I hope you and your family have a good Father's Day.  We also hope that all your efforts to make this day special are appreciated.  Most of you know about my wonderful Aunt Mary.  She has sent you all a lovely Father's Day Greeting and here it is!


Hello everyone in MommyLand.

Today is the day we honor, celebrate and thank the men whose efforts made us children and mothers. I hope you have dragged those who do not drive out to pick up some small remembrance. And nagged those children old enough to do it too. A silly card, a box of cookies, or a new baseball cap.

Uncle Richard's very first father's day gift picked out by his daughter was a pair of baby pink cotton socks. I tried to steer her little self to the shirts he needed, but nothing was more perfect than those socks. This was 30 years ago, and real men did not wear pink. Uncle Richard loved them, and pink socks have remained in his wardrobe ever since.

Don't forget to call, skype or visit your own father, and grandfathers and any other man who acted the part of a parent to you. My dad is 86 and if I can find a card that will make him laugh, that's all he needs from me. I will also honor the fathers in my Quaker meeting with gifts of handkerchiefs. Uncle Richard will probably spend the day pretty much like he always does on Sundays. Gardening and reading chess books.

For those of you who have ex's, put animosity aside as best you can, and make sure the kids at least get to call Daddy.

To all you Daddys who can't be here, especially those serving our country, Happy Fathers' Day.

These guys aren't perfect, but then we aren't either. So give them a hug and kiss and something to smile about.

Love you all,

Aunt Mary

What do you suppose she means by "something to smile about"?  Hee hee hee.  That was naughty.

And here's a little Father's Day Funny from us!

xo, Kate & Lydia

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