Friday, June 25, 2010

Kate & Lydia Hit 100,000!

OK, so maybe we're not supposed to be tapping the t-box before noon, but WE TOTALLY ARE! Oh, and Kate's shaking champagne -- that's not going to end well...mostly because it's going to spray everywhere and make everything sticky...but WHATEVS...because (drum roll, please!)

For the first time since we started our little writing venture, we've hit 100,000 clicks in a month!

And, it's only the 25th, bitches! We still have five more days to kick some blog-ass!

So, two things. One, a huge *MWAH* to all of you who read and pass along and comment and laugh and especially snort coffee. We heart you big time.

Two, to the person who clicked just a moment ago - at 10:26:31am who's from Minneapolis, MN (yes, we're a little stalker-y, but we come bearing gifts, so that's like legalized stalking.) we have an *awesome* THANK YOU gift! Write us at and we'll get your deets.

You gals are ah-may-zing. Thanks for making this so much fun!

xoxo K&L

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