Friday, June 18, 2010

Whuck Happened? It's All Different!

Hi there. Are you looking around thinking - What the WHAT? Am I in the right place?

Yes, you are.

Kate and Lydia have just decided to freshen things up a little bit. [Editor's Note: Lydia, are you implying that our blog is not-so-fresh? We say douche, we don't talk about it. Jiminy Christmas. - Kate]  And by 'freshen', we mean get a little professional up in here. [Up? in? the? non-freshness? I have to stop reading this. Immediately. - Kate]

Look at that y'all - a logo! WOOT! And a banner and a button and all kinds of groovy bloggy things. Also, advertising (because we got babysitters to pay and t-boxes on lay away). And a store. With cool Rants from MommyLand stuff that you can buy!

We recently learned that as mommy-blogs go, we're actually doing pretty well. Who knew?! We're still surprised that anyone other than Lydia's Aunt Mary ever reads us. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We started MommyLand because we needed an outlet for something or we were going to start drinking in the morning. You have no idea how much better we feel knowing that we're not alone out there...

We spend a whole lot of time writing this blog and we love it. And we really, really want to keep doing it. But summer is here and school is out and it is all kids, all the time. Unless we pay babysitters and camp registrations, we will not be doing much writing this summer.

And our beloved MommyLand has turned into a sort of full-time, unpaid job. So we're trying to figure out how to make it a full-time, sort of paid job. We know. We're crazy, right? We're mommies. By definition, that means we work all the time and never get paid. But this is MommyLand and anything is possible! So we choose to be like the Pointer Sisters. We have a new attitude! We are going to get out there and promote our blog! And make a little money! And that is more exclamation points than we have ever used before so… Can! You! Feel! The! Enthusiasm?!

Thanks again for reading these rants and for sharing them with your friends. We really appreciate your support. If you have any thoughts or suggestions for us as we try to put on our big-girl-blogger-pants, please get in touch with us. As you no doubt know - we're making this up as we go along and need all the help we can get.

And if you're wondering how we got all this awesome logo and banner and stuff - here's your answer. We got it from a Pregnant Chicken. If you ever want to work with someone who brings the awesomeness in every possible way - this is your chicken. Look no further. Oh, and she totally rocks Nancy Wilson from Heart High Kicks. And, she's from [Editor's Note: Stop saying that, Kate! Stupid. - Lydia]

By the way, you look really good today. Did you get your hair done? Because it looks magical.

xo, Kate & Lydia

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