Tuesday, July 6, 2010

FFTIHAD: Put on Your Dang Jammies

My husband and I were exhausted after a day spent running around with the kids in the heat of the summer.  It was now very late and way past bedtime.  The kids were still up and would not go quietly into that good night.  I looked up and saw my 7 year old daughter Thumbelina still in her clothes and I lost it.

Lydia: "For the LAST TIME, put on your DANG JAMMIES!"
Thumbelina: "But Mooooooom!  I only have one clean t-shirt to wear to sleep!  I need some jammy pants!  And Hawk won't let me borrow any of his!"
Hawk: "Dat's right!  Don't come in my ROOM! You're not a Jedi!"
Lydia: "Hawk!  Let your sister borrow some jammy pants!  Right now!"
(silence, then the sound of fumbling around and the slamming of dresser drawers.)
Thumbelina: (sounding confused and annoyed) "Moooooom! Hawk doesn't even have any clean jammy pants either.  There's nothing in here except a cape and a sock."
Hawk: (proudly) "Dat's right! One cape and one sock!"
(long pause - followed by Thumbelina stomping back to her room.)
The Cap'n: (looks over at me and says) "It's moments like these when we can really feel good about the job we're doing."

The. End.

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