Tuesday, July 6, 2010

FFTIHAD: Put on Your Dang Jammies

My husband and I were exhausted after a day spent running around with the kids in the heat of the summer.  It was now very late and way past bedtime.  The kids were still up and would not go quietly into that good night.  I looked up and saw my 7 year old daughter Thumbelina still in her clothes and I lost it.

Lydia: "For the LAST TIME, put on your DANG JAMMIES!"
Thumbelina: "But Mooooooom!  I only have one clean t-shirt to wear to sleep!  I need some jammy pants!  And Hawk won't let me borrow any of his!"
Hawk: "Dat's right!  Don't come in my ROOM! You're not a Jedi!"
Lydia: "Hawk!  Let your sister borrow some jammy pants!  Right now!"
(silence, then the sound of fumbling around and the slamming of dresser drawers.)
Thumbelina: (sounding confused and annoyed) "Moooooom! Hawk doesn't even have any clean jammy pants either.  There's nothing in here except a cape and a sock."
Hawk: (proudly) "Dat's right! One cape and one sock!"
(long pause - followed by Thumbelina stomping back to her room.)
The Cap'n: (looks over at me and says) "It's moments like these when we can really feel good about the job we're doing."

The. End.

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  1. That is awesome! There are days my kids go to bed and they never got dressed to begin with. :)

  2. Obviously Randy stole all the jammy pants. Not your fault.

    Also, Blogger can suck it today. Also having comment issues.

  3. Oh, you make me feel so much better. Thank you.

  4. that is wonderful - ditto at our house!!!

  5. Oh we TOTALLY have these days. That's what PJ recycling is for. Dig down into that hamper, kids!

  6. um.. today is one of those days here too!

  7. I have always considered having a naked day - just to eliminate 1/7th of the laundry for five people.

  8. I knew I had to get kid #1 up and to golf camp by 7:50 this morning. So, I found myself telling kid #2 to just sleep in the clothes he wore all day b/c we'd be leaving so early in the morning. Felt like a winner!! Guess who called at 6:52? Yep- golf camp to cancel!!! Kid #2, looked at me and preceeded to change INTO pjs as his Monday wear....great!!

  9. +giggling to myself in my cube+

  10. "Don't come in my ROOM! You're not a Jedi!" That is some funny shmidt!!

  11. Hysterical!! Definitely the FFTIHAD!!

  12. Why do you even need anything besides a cape and a sock?

  13. uh, pay attention people:

    clothes children wore all day - dirty socks + clean pull-ups = jammies.

    clothes mommy wore all day - bra = mommy jammies.

    got it? good. they'll be a quiz tomorrow.

  14. I only let Jedis into my room. So hawk would be allowed.

  15. rolling! especially trying to get back into town and leaving town soon!

  16. Jedis are known to be able to survive, perhaps even excel, on a cape and one sock for as long as need be. Recently my six year old wore the same pair of shorts three days in a row due to laundry shortage and we had to buy him a new swimsuit prior to a day at the beach. Totally fell off the laundry train. They live.

  17. Cap'n summed it up perfectly! AWESOME!

  18. LAUNDRY SUX! I peeled back my 6 year old daughter's bedspread this morning to see her still in the same beautiful dress she wore yesterday (and was complimented on at least 17 times). Win!

  19. The Google Ad is blocking some of the content which makes it really difficult to read all the good stuff that you post!! ;-) I have not seen an "x" button to close it and I certainly don't want to click on it....is it possible to move it to an area below the blog postings?

  20. My son thinks that as long as it comes out of the laundry room it's clean. Sometimes this requires sneaking something out to bring it back in but at bedtime...well whatever works




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