Monday, July 12, 2010

Funniest F***ing Thing I Heard All Day: Mad Man

My college alumni magazine came today in the mail. On the cover, Jon Hamm. You know, Don Draper. I screamed, "Shut UP! We went to the same school?"

Then I skimmed the article, right there at the mailbox. "GTFO!" I actually yelled out in my yard. "Everyone else can go SUCK IT!" My daughter McGee wasn't impressed with that.

Not only did we go to the same place, we were there at the same mur.thur.fur.kin time. And hung out at the same bar.

I immediately called Lydia.

Kate: You'll never guess who I went to college with...
Lydia: Who?
Kate: Don Draper.
Lydia: Shut up! Whore.
Kate: Damn. I could have been Kate Hamm.
Lydia: Or, at a minimum, you could have made out with him.  Sigh. You're stupid.

The. End.

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  1. Ah. That would have been some serious college eye candy. I probably went to BYU at the same time as Jared Hess. Not quite exiting, huh?

  2. Go Tigers! ;)
    I love love love Jon Hamm and Mad Men!!!
    Wonder what would happen if Jon Hamm AND Brad Pitt both came back to their old school at the same time?

  3. Big 12? Shiloh? Fieldhouse? The Berg?? WHAT BAR?

    I, ah, need to know in case he goes back to visit. So I can say hi, of course.

  4. He is hot. And hilarious on 30 Rock and SNL.

  5. What?! That's not exciting that's horrible! That's like finding out there were gold bars buried under a house you sold 10 years ago. Plus, it's not like you're some kind of ditch pig he would have wanted nothing to do with, you're hot and totally could have hit that.

    Dammit. Now I'm mad.

  6. I went to college with Norah Jones. I love how Univ. of N. Texas keeps referring to her as an alum, especially since she got the heck out of there after a verrrry short time. And catapulted to stardom.
    Helluva singer.

  7. Shut UP! You went to MIZZOU TOO?!?!? Go Tigers! '96 Alum, School of Ed! :-)

  8. Mizou-rah! Mizzou-rah! Mizzou-rah! TIGERS!

    BA History, class of Nineteen ninety--nevermind.

    He hung out at the Blue Note...I remember I've forgotten plenty a night there. Or, at least I think I remember that I forgot. Or, maybe I just forgot to remember...either way, SUPER FUN! I think.

  9. You saw his Mizzou ad ( last fall, right? RIGHT?

    It had be completely convinced I went to the wrong Big XII school. Z-O-U forever, indeed.

  10. LOL Have you seen pics of John Hamm frmo the 90s?? Cute, but seriously dorky!! lol He hosted The Soup for a bit and was so adorably nerdy :)

  11. Oh man I saw Blues Traveler at the Blue Note, and many other shows... I loved that place!!! Sheryl Crow was a Mizzou Alum too Ladies! ;-)

  12. Here I was thinking you were the shizznizzle. And now I find out you went to Mizzou.

    XO, your alter ego, Kate the Jayhawk

  13. I didn't know he went there too!! And Brad Pitt! And Sheryl Crow... sigh... I was there too late for all of them... but still... ZOU!!

  14. Wow!! We get Don Draper too!!?! I knew about most of the others (Sheryl Crow still owes my fraternity $7!) but woo hoo!! A #2 seed and a Mad Man! Z-O-U!




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