Monday, July 12, 2010

Funniest F***ing Thing I Heard All Day: Mad Man

My college alumni magazine came today in the mail. On the cover, Jon Hamm. You know, Don Draper. I screamed, "Shut UP! We went to the same school?"

Then I skimmed the article, right there at the mailbox. "GTFO!" I actually yelled out in my yard. "Everyone else can go SUCK IT!" My daughter McGee wasn't impressed with that.

Not only did we go to the same place, we were there at the same mur.thur.fur.kin time. And hung out at the same bar.

I immediately called Lydia.

Kate: You'll never guess who I went to college with...
Lydia: Who?
Kate: Don Draper.
Lydia: Shut up! Whore.
Kate: Damn. I could have been Kate Hamm.
Lydia: Or, at a minimum, you could have made out with him.  Sigh. You're stupid.

The. End.

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