Tuesday, July 27, 2010

MommyLand After Dark: To T-Box? Or Not To T-Box?

Kate was wandering through the grocery store today. Buying the necessities. Milk, eggs, more juice boxes and chips. And Sharpies, because she has a thing for them. This summer has been a productive one for Sharpie tattooing. She's thinking of going into business tatting up kids -- can last anywhere from 24 hours to 3 weeks, depending on mom's insistence on actually scrubbing them down  in the shower and not just letting the water run down them for 25 minutes.

Anyway, she saw this:

And, of course, immediately called Lydia.

Kate: I'm staring at an entire aisle of T-boxes.
Lydia: Shut up! Which Target are you at? I need some diapers...
Kate: No, whore. I'm at the grocery store, but there are literally dozens of different kinds.
Lydia: And...?
Kate: And?!? We just crowned the T-Box without ever comparing it.
Lydia: Umm, do you not remember the T-Box Taste Test? Wait. Scratch that. No, you don't remember...never mind.
Kate: Pirate. Monkey. Demon. I remember...parts. The point IS, we need to compare ALL of them.
Lydia: No way. How about just the Merlots? We've already determined the others are for perming hair...
Kate: Fine. But we need to do an After Dark.
Lydia: Only if they say so...
Kate: AWESOME! I'm going to ask them now!
Lydia: Hey, yeah...maybe they'll help you find those shoes you lost that night. Haha. Beyotch. Hey, while you're there, buy me some dia-- [Kate hangs up and sticks her tongue out at the phone.]

So, it's now in your hands...the polls are now open!

MommyLand After Dark Part 2: Battle of the T-Boxes

xoxo K&L

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  1. Please do this!!! I need more recommendations on T-boxes!!!

  2. Look for the "Pinot Evil" box o' wine...you could do worse

  3. please please please please please please please please please pretty please please please please invite me agin. I promise not to fall down again. I promise to try not to fall down. I promise... just to be me. And sometimes I fall down. sober. sigh.

  4. OK, I voted twice - you girls should TOTALLY do this, but I really want to come too!

  5. A box drinker myself I recommend you include samples of Bota Box, Black Box and Green Box.

  6. I vote for Peter Vella Burgundy. Yummy and usually on sale for 11.99 for a 5 liter box!

  7. I don't even drink but what you two drink yourself even sillier should be. Awesome!

  8. Seriously?? You even need to ask?

  9. My "T-box" of choice is the Franzia - Chard or "Crisp White"... :)

  10. So wish I lived closer, then I could at least hope for an invite, kind of like wanting to be invited to the cool girl birthday party in 5th grade......btw, did the T-box. I think the secret to those is, you have to drink them in the first 2 days. No shelf life on those things........

  11. The first post I ever read of yours was the T-Box test. You must do another! It will be a wonderful reminder of what makes me love you guys so much!

  12. Maybe it could be a nation-wide event? I highly recommend the "Black Box" Cab.

  13. While Dagney promises not to fall down this time, I promise not to show up already a little drunk. :) My gift to you all!

  14. Ooh, ooh, invite me! Based on Dinner Zen and Wegman's references, I'm 99% sure I live within 5 miles of you guys! Seriously! Please?

  15. How 'bout THIS for an even yesser... You guys plan a series of "girls weekends." GO ON TOUR! Get one of the T-Box companies to sponsor you - tell us where you're going to be- seriously- is it sad that we'd PAY to hang out with you? ...I mean... have a place to meet like-minded area moms who have also discovered the awesomeness of Kate & Lydia!

  16. Ohohohohohoho!!!! If you invite me back I'll get a dissertation on wine from my friend Jim who is the only known Republican in San Francisco and also makes his own wine which makes him the Best Friend Ever! And using that we'll be able to make trenchant comments about wine based on real knowledge as well as our own observations about how the wine is perming our nose hairs. I'll also tell Lydia the Unified Theory of Relationships because she missed it last time due to an important conversation she was having about Buffy. I'll also type.

    P.S. Sorry if this comment appeared twice. Blogger is being snitchy.

  17. OOOOO You HAVE to try Franzia Chillable Red and White Zin. They. Are. Amazing. My version of the T-box since my stinky town doesn't allow grocery stores to sell real liquor. Only that half n half beer crap.

    And I seriously want to have a national get together with you guys lol. No actually, I think you should have some kind of contest. Winner get a plane ticket to come see you guys. Y'all are my American Idols lol

  18. I'll bring the Black Box merlot (my fav).

    How far are you from Columbia, MD?

  19. You guys are such a hoot! I found you via a facebook link yesterday. :)

    I can imagine what kind of fun you would have in the t-box comparisons, so go for it!!

    As for myself, we have a wine cellar and if I brought one of those in the house my husband would set fire to it out in the driveway. Having your own wine cellar, and a husband who spreadsheets all the wine by type, rating, etc. can be a bit of a letdown. I can't just go and grab a bottle. It might be "special" and I might get "the look" when popping the cork on a Tuesday night. ;)

  20. I would have voted, "where's my invite?" but I'm pretty sure I live on the opposite end of the country from you. :(
    Looking forward to the ultimate T-box smackdown! :)

  21. Why can't I vote for two?
    I also vote for "where's my invite, snitches?" except, wait, mine's a booby-feeder.
    I do, however, think that everyone could join in on Twitter to offer their own comments...

  22. We need to have T-Box Tests all over and live Twitter the results!!! Just name the date!

  23. Btw, I was at my local Target the other day and they don't sell T-boxes. Stupid Connecticut blue laws!




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