Tuesday, July 27, 2010

MommyLand After Dark: To T-Box? Or Not To T-Box?

Kate was wandering through the grocery store today. Buying the necessities. Milk, eggs, more juice boxes and chips. And Sharpies, because she has a thing for them. This summer has been a productive one for Sharpie tattooing. She's thinking of going into business tatting up kids -- can last anywhere from 24 hours to 3 weeks, depending on mom's insistence on actually scrubbing them down  in the shower and not just letting the water run down them for 25 minutes.

Anyway, she saw this:

And, of course, immediately called Lydia.

Kate: I'm staring at an entire aisle of T-boxes.
Lydia: Shut up! Which Target are you at? I need some diapers...
Kate: No, whore. I'm at the grocery store, but there are literally dozens of different kinds.
Lydia: And...?
Kate: And?!? We just crowned the T-Box without ever comparing it.
Lydia: Umm, do you not remember the T-Box Taste Test? Wait. Scratch that. No, you don't remember...never mind.
Kate: Pirate. Monkey. Demon. I remember...parts. The point IS, we need to compare ALL of them.
Lydia: No way. How about just the Merlots? We've already determined the others are for perming hair...
Kate: Fine. But we need to do an After Dark.
Lydia: Only if they say so...
Kate: AWESOME! I'm going to ask them now!
Lydia: Hey, yeah...maybe they'll help you find those shoes you lost that night. Haha. Beyotch. Hey, while you're there, buy me some dia-- [Kate hangs up and sticks her tongue out at the phone.]

So, it's now in your hands...the polls are now open!

MommyLand After Dark Part 2: Battle of the T-Boxes

xoxo K&L

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