Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ummm, Drool. And, You're Welcome

Kate has been waiting for like SIX MONTHS for "Mad Men" to return...and finding out that Jon Hamm went to college with her (oh, and he totally had the hots for her too...yep) she figures it's only fair that she indulge in a little Don Draper-y.

Exhibit A why the University of Missouri ROCKS...

I rest my case.

McLovin & I will be on Twitter in an

xoxo Kate

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  1. Darn! And I went to Drury in Springfield instead. Bad decision!

  2. What a plug for your alma mater.. Pittsburgh mag put one of the mad men guys (sorry) on the cover cause he went to carnegie mellon... cool

  3. ...ZOU!

    woohoo - Mad Men!!!

  4. KATE WENT TO MIZZOU?!?!? Kate - I have a totally different new kind of love for you now. For Jon Hamm too! That's home!! :)There is nothing like a good Mizzou football game :D

  5. Mizzou-RAH!!! :-) I think I'm gonna have to start watching Mad Men... ;-)

  6. omg i've been waiting for the return of mad men too! can't wait to watch my dvr'd episode tonight with the hubbs. :-)

  7. Thank GOD Nebraska's leaving the conference in '11 and I don't have to let go of my Kate and Don Draper love. Phew.

    Also, Go Big Red. Sorry.




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