Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Funniest F*cking Thing I Heard All Day: Really OLD Navy

The following funniest f*cking thing you've heard all day has been brought to you by Amy at Pregnant Chicken, who is more awesome than should be allowed.


I was shopping in Old Navy because I love it as much as butter and they were having a sale on kids clothes. I spotted a pirate t-shirt for $2 that would fit my son next year. I quickly snapped it up and added it to my clothing bounty. What a score! What a great day!
I got up to the cash and the perky young cashier came across the t-shirt and said "OOoooo, I love this t-shirt. It's soooo cute" I excitedly replied "I know! He just loves pirates too." Then she said "It's so sweet. Is it for your grandson?"

For an instant I was flattered that she thought I could be somebody's grandmother then it hit me: no,no, sweet mother tucker, that's bad! I quickly said "Er, no it's for my son". She just shrugged then handed me my change and I left.

I was walking though the mall in a fog. Holy crap somebody thinks I'm old enough to have grandchildren. This is like a pivotal moment in my life. I don't think I'll ever be the same.

I quickly called my husband to tell him about my horrible encounter and how my life is changed forever. Surely he'll be able to put this into perspective for me.

He laughed his ass off and said "Holy crap. The only thing that would have been worse is if she'd said "Have a nice day, sir."

The. End.

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  1. Oh Ladies, I frickin' LOVE the "Old" in Old Navy touch. You girls rock it with the cap off -- I don't even know what that means but I drink a little.

  2. My daughter calls it "Old Lady" as in "Mom, do we have to go to Old Lady again its soo boring in there."

  3. Instead of calling it "Old Navy", my sister and I call it "Elder Military".

  4. OK, that cashier probably had a 15 year old mommy, you gotta feel sorry for her. Cheers. (By the way, my grandpa and my father-in-law are the same age- and my husband and i are only 6 days apart... so maybe we're all old enough to be someone's gramma...)

  5. Oooohh... this sooo hits home. I am 39 and currently pregnant with #3. I am technically old enough to be this baby's grandma. I am so fearful that I am going to walk into a maternity store and have someone ask me if I'm shopping for my daughter. Glad to hear I'm not alone. Thanks for the chuckle.

  6. Maybe her grandma looks really young :)

  7. Funniest F*cking thing I read all day.


  8. I have a 2 year old and a six month old. When my parents were my age their first grand kids were older than mine are now.

  9. Okay, I have no idea what you look like but you could say: I went to a top salon to get these grey streaks. I'm so glad that you like them. OR Do you realize how many times I had to smile to get these wrinkles? I am super proud!

  10. And this is why women our age decide to let their inner cougar out. We all want to be known as a MILF, not someone's grandma!!

    Reading this reminds me to go make a hair appt, and go get my fat butt onto that bike!

  11. I'm not sure what's worse. That or having everybody think you're 23. Well, I'm sure I know what all women would want, but I'm in business and when I introduce myself I often get the question, "how old are you?"





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