Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Anniversary to the Cap'n

Today is my 13th wedding anniversary.  Lucky 13!  Woot!  We're very different now than we were 15 years ago when we first met.  We were both students at the University of Michigan.  I was his waitress.  But trust me, that's a whole other story.  And here we are, three kids later and still happy.  Of course, I'm still young and awesome, but he is forty.  That's old.  Though it's worth mentioning that in 3 years, when I hit that milestone, I will not be old.  Because I will be always be painfully and embarrassingly immature.

(Said in a Kasey Kasem voice) I'd like to send this one out to Cap'n Coupon.   From Lydia, his loving wife, for fifteen years of muskrat love...

xo, Lydia

ps: The Little Terror Suspects insisted I include this one too, because they love it so much

(Again in the Kasey Kasem voice) Since this post is taking you into double shot Tuesday, here's a second helping of America's favorite pop duo, The Cap'n and Tennille...

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