Tuesday, August 31, 2010

K & L's Favorite Songs of This Summer

Summer is winding down and we're feeling a little nostaligic.  You know we love music and that we're weird and random about it.  We thought we'd share some of the randomness we've been listening to with our kiddos this summer.

A little note: Feel free to click, all the links are to Youtube videos. Except for one song that is not a link.  It actually refused to let us link to it. We've tried every possible contortionist whacktacular method we know. We've decided that God is trying to spare us all that particular song. God is right.

Oh...not all the videos are OK for small eyes but all are safe for work.

Backyard Beach by Phinneas and Ferb [Lydia is not ashamed to say that she loves this song.  Or Squirrels in My Pants, which is also completely awesome and hilarious.]

Fireflies by Owl City [Thumbelina and her little cronies went ape schmidt for this one.]

Here Comes the Hotstepper by Ini Kamoze [Because we are lyrical gangsters. And our buddy Ellen reminded us how bad ass this song is.]

When the Day Met the Night by Panic at the Disco [Hawk and Thumbelina sing this one with their eyes closed.]
Great Day by the Fresh Beat Band [This is one of Happy's favorites and he thinks the rapping white kid is awesome. Happy is four. Kate has already proffered her thoughts on this particular "rapper."] [Hint hint: This is the one that won't embed...see? That's what we call Divine Intervention.]

Hey Soul Sister by Train [Lydia hates this song like its poison for her earholes.  But Thumbelina can't get enough of it.]

Shark in the Water by V V Brown [McGee and Thumbelina have a couple of epic dance offs to this song.]

The Saga Begins by Weird Al Yankovic [This is Hawk's favorite song in the history of the world.  It's about Star Wars.  And Lydia thinks Weird Al is a genius.  If you don't believe her, go watch the White & Nerdy video.  This video pioneered the genre nerdcore.  That's right... NERDCORE.]

Electric Avenue by Eddie Grant [Lydia has rocked out to this song with alarming consistancy since she was about 11.]

California Gurls by Katy Perry [Another Happy favorite.  His big sister McGee and her friends taught him some orginal choreography to the "daisy dukes/bikinis on top" part.  Just use your imagination.]

Looks Like We Made It by Barry Manilow* [No. This isn't a joke. Barry is Kate's all time favorite without any irony at all.  Whenever she's out in the yard, she and the IHPs look at the tomatoes and sing to them: "LOOKS LIKE TOMATOES!".  The tomatoes are all dead.  I guess they don't like Barry Manilow either.]
Dear Kate, We *hate* Barry Manilow. Can we make that any clearer? Please stop singing that song. xoxo, The Tomatoes

Nothing on You by BOB and Bruno Mars [Hawk attempts the rapping part and it's almost as funny as when Lydia does it.  Because is there anything more awesome than an overweight, suburban mom in a mini-van rapping?  Yes.  There are many things.  The first one that comes to mind is a monkey with cymbals.]

Footloose by Kenny Loggins [This song was one of the ones they played constantly at Kate's pool this summer.  So she and kids would do more choreography - the whole heel/toe dance move - in public.]

There are lots and lots more.  If we've missed an essential classic, please let us know.

xo,  Lydia

*In honor of Kate's selection of Mr. Manilow's masterpiece, the Cap'n suggested that we post another song by Senor Manilow as a perfect jingle to help old men get that tingle...  Just listen, and if you work for Viagra or Cialis or Levitra - we just got you a big promotion - you're welcome.

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  1. Very, very few things come close to the awesomeness that is Yankovic. My Bologna? Another One Rides the Bus? Fat? Gump? Like a Surgeon? Amish Paradise (MY personal favorite along with ANY of his polka song mash-ups like "Polka Power" or "Alternative Polka")..... he blows my mind with his mad skillz. Oh yea, you saw what I did there-- I used a "z" because I wanna convey how cool I am. The letter "z" tends to help get across my personal coolness.

  2. Pretty much awesome on every song... except the Fresh Beat Band. I thank God every day that my girls outgrew that "phase" before that group ever came about 'cuz I'm pretty damned sure they'd be into them. I lived through about four years of "Hi-5". 'nuf said.

    Pretty much any song from "GLEE".... those are all winners in our house too.

    Phineas and Ferb are AWESOME. SIMP... our favorite song.

    Kate, I LOVE Barry Manilow.... we got to see his last show at the LV Hilton. He now looks like a Fraggle though... freakishly so.

  3. I call women who love Manilow "Panty Throwers". My mom loved him so I teased her relentlessly about it. As in "Soooo, mom, you gonna toss him your panties when you go see him in Vegas?" She was a cool chick.

  4. OMG! I love backyard beach! HA! And Squirrels in my pants! Perhaps I need to get out more...

  5. So funny that you mentioned "Squirrels in my pants" - I've been singing it for the last week! Hilarious and very catchy! Love the list!

  6. Ahahahahaha Weird Al. Love it. My favorite Weird Al: "Amish Paradise" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOfZLb33uCg
    Brings back happy memories of Dutch Wonderland.

  7. @Stark.Raving.Mad.Mommy - you are going to really like Thursday's post because that is what it's called "Amish Paradise" and that's what it's about - Dutch Wonderland. How's that for a coincidence??

  8. I'm a serious Weird Al fan. So serious, my friends tell me the reason I never met him is because he has a restraining order out on me...

    (When I go to the concerts, it's a bunch of 8 year-olds and their moms. I used to stick out, now I just look like I left the 8 year-old at home.)

    Other songs to include: Fly Away, Boys of Summer, and Unbelievable by EMF. :)

  9. We LOVE Phineas and Ferb! And by WE I mean my husband and I, oh yeah our 4 year old daughter thinks it's pretty cool too! LOL! SIMP is our favorite Phineas and Ferb song!!!! Squirrels, Squirrels!!!!!!!!!

  10. "Squirrels in My Pants!" Love it, love it, love it! My kids think I'm a little weird about it really :)

  11. 1. Electric Avenue is the awesome-est!
    2. I wonder is stark.raving.mad.mom's Little Dude has seen The Saga Begins video.
    3. Phineas and Ferb FTW
    4. I just bought my daughter a card for her 8th bday (yesterday) that has a dog in a tutu on the front and plays Footloose inside. She LOVES it. It is now at Daddy's house.

  12. Two things, ladies.

    1. We can't believe the California Gurls dancing without video proof. Please?

    2. You're not alone in loving The Manilow. My mother used to clean the house to Copacabana and now, so do I. I have the greatest hits and they are, truly, the greatest of hits.

  13. FYI, I TOTALLY saw Barry Manilow perform with Bette Midler before either were famous while on a family trip to Bermuda. He was her piano player. She wore a fur jacket.
    Sadly, I had to be TOLD this because I was only 7 during the trip.
    I do oddly remember seeing her singing in her jacket and thought at the time it was weird cause it was Bermuda. and it was hot there.




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