Friday, August 20, 2010

Kate & Lydia's Enrichment Program: The Election

So, as you've probably already read, we have the. best. county. programs. in the history of ever. It's completely possible that we could start our day by learning how to Make Our Own Erik Northman Jewelry, followed by Israeli Martial Arts, Tap Dancing, Communicating with Your Captors, and then ending with Underwater SharkAssKicking. Though there's a good chance Kate would f**k up the whole thing and wind up punching the dance instructor in the throat while yelling "Ver Tema!"* and putting a pendant on a hammerhead. Because she's special...

Don't you think you should have the chance to pick? Umm, hello. Even YESSER! Vote early and often, girls, because the TOP TWO, we'll do. [Editor's Note: I hate when you rhyme, you stupid hooker. -Lydia]

Besides, we're stupid and combative and snitchy cheaters, so Lydia keeps trying to convince Kate that Viking Jewelry Making it totally winning, and Kate is adamant about hanging out with people who need four hours of case study before picking out eye wear. Plus, she wants to make Lydia look like Dame Edna.

So Ladies...What's it going to be?

*Oh, it means "awesome" in Farsi. Which is Totally. Ver. Tema.

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