Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lipstick Moments

I walked down the hall last week just in time to see my 11 year old daughter McGee pressing her lips together after putting on lipgloss. She was staring in the mirror and didn't see me, as everything but her reflection had just been tuned out. So, in that regard, she's completely like me. But in that two seconds, I saw my little girl do something she'll probably do almost every day of her grown up life.  And in the last two months, I've seen her change from being a little girl into something else entirely. 

So I've started watching them all a little more carefully. For those moments when something happens. And, for the first time, I turned my mad sharpie and newspaper skills to use on myself -- well, OK, and sorta my kids, too -- to see what happens in those moments. 
  • We got in the car and all three of them slammed their doors in quick succession. SLAM! SLAM! SLAM! And then looked at each other like they had made magic happen.
  • Happy, answering the phone, smiling and then saying "Hi Daddy!"
  • Lefty's face right after he jumped off the diving board, and right before he hit the water.
  • McGee teaching her brothers the Cotton Eyed Joe.
We were all in the bathroom the other day. Lefty was getting out of the shower, Happy was sitting on the potty and McGee was brushing her hair. Then Happy tooted, and they all burst out laughing. Despite the eye slammy aroma wafting out of the bathroom, we all stayed in the room together. Well, until Lefty kicked us out because he was getting all prune-y.
  • McLovin running down the driveway with the boys in the wagon...
  • McGee opening up the first page of the Twilight novella...I think she thought Edward was actually in the book. Like the real dude.
  • Lefty sitting on the kitchen counter with scrapes on his elbow and his leg from falling off the scooter...
I forget sometimes, because I'm folding laundry, or rushing them off to camp or school or karate or a sleepover or the grocery store, or fixing dinner, or threatening to come up there right now if you don't cut it out! But they do kinda awesome things in between all the times they're doing something that makes me wonder who on earth is mothering these childr--oh, right. That would be m.o.i.
  • Three Snoopy-as-a-Vultures on the way to the pediatrician...
  • Lefty -- tongue out -- right as he hits a baseball
  • They brush their teeth as a group. They brush their own, and then right at the end, they reach over and brush someone else's. It's gross, but funny...
A long time ago, I learned this great lesson about not losing your mind with your kids, because you're all they have in the world. That was my Target Moment. You all know all about it...

These are my Lipstick Moments.
  • Happy saying "read it again Mommy" even though he can't keep his eyes open...I love Tumble Bumble
  • McGee's face when her best friend whispered a secret in her ear...
  • Lefty "washing" his hair with you have any idea how hard that is to get out?

Your turn...and just in case you're not sure if any one moment can be meaningful, watch this:

xoxo, Kate

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