Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Postcards from Kate #3

Just because Kate is at the beach, it doesn't make her fancy. As she demonstrates once again...

Email Subject: I'm being thematic...

There's something about this place and bodily functions. It's one of those rare times and places when teaching Lefty to read was a *bad* idea. We bought a book called Everyone Farts...except for me. Obviously.

Oh, and I bought this shirt...for you. You're welcome.

xoxo Kate

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  1. I really want that shirt!! LOL

  2. hahaha My dad just bought that shirt for my son today!

  3. i saw that shirt at the beach too!
    caryn(your biggest fan...who can't figure out how to make a profile, so i post anonymously!)

  4. The sunburn slap postcard reminded me of a family story. My mother is very fair-skinned. Shortly after she and my father married, he was transfered and they moved to Okinawa. She, of course, soon managed to get a bad sunburn. Being someone who tanned, he didn't understand. He thought it was hilarious to slap a sunburn. He only did it once, in their kitchen. Mom doesn't know quite what she did after that. The next thing she remembers is that he was cowering in the corner and she had the butcher knife in her hand. He never (to my knowledge) slapped anyone's sunburn again.




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