Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Postcards from Kate (again)

Now she just thinks it's funny.

Email Subject: You better run...

That's right. It says Hooker Hunter.

He's totally looking for you. He's like Dawg the Bounty Hunter, but bald. Are you scared?

xoxo Kate

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  1. would that make him Dogg the Booty Hunter?

  2. Now, now, you're reading into things. It might actually say 'Hiker Hunter' - you know, (s)he likes to go into the woods and run down 'hikers' who only walk on roads. Or maybe (s)he is a Honker Hunter - sideswipes those nasty jackholes who use the horn instead of the brake.

    Think outside the (ahem) box.

  3. Bwa ha ha ha ha...at Kirstie's comment above, and wondering how that driver got that fantastic license plate. Usually states look pretty carefully at the ones who request certain number and letter combinations. Huh. Guess that one slipped through the...er...cracks. (groan) Or maybe it really does mean hiker hunter. Twilight fans would agree, I'd guess! :-) Thanks for the postcards, Kate!

  4. Wow, I looked at that and thought, "what's a haker hater?" Completely, off base and more than a little dyslexic.


  5. Or, piggybacking on Kirstie's comment, a "Hocker Hunter"---maybe he follows those jackholes who spit loogies out of their car windows, follows them home and beats the schmidt out of them, especially when they manage to tag someone else's car with phlegm. Not a bad guy to have on your side, really :/

  6. I kind of wish I were in that car with Kate.......

  7. My husband's plate says: CTRFLD. This is supposed to stand for 'centerfield', his position in ball. His brother-in-law pointed out it could also be read as 'centerfold'...

  8. It's not nearly as fun, but don't you think this guy just likes fishing and hunting? ...Maybe he's looking for a hooker to go with?

  9. We saw a plate one time that when read in the rear view mirror said "Oral Sex". Try explaining that one to your kids when they get all excited about a personalized plate! I thought they screened for those things pretty carefully too, but I guess not when you need a mirror to read it...




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