Monday, August 30, 2010

Some Pig: Funniest F**king Thing I Heard All Day

Recently on vacation, the Cap'n and I took the family to the West Virgina State Fair.  It was wonderful.  Our day was comprised of beautiful weather, livestock, crafts, delicious fried food, thrilling rides, carnie folk, games of chance, and *sigh* a bunch of professional cowboys in town for the rodeo.

This summer, my children have both seen and read "Charlotte's Web".  They couldn't wait to go see the pigs at the Fair and wondered hopefully if there would be a little runt in the corner with a magical spiderweb in the corner of his pen proclaiming "humble" or some other miraculous display.

Miraculous display...

When my five year old son Hawk walked into the pig area, he was so excited.  Then all of a sudden he stopped and went rigid and started screaming: "MOM AND DAD AND THUMBELINA!  HOLY CRAP! EVERYONE! LOOK AT THAT PIG!  LOOK AT THAT PIG!"

And he brought the entire bustling barn, filled with people and critters, to a standstill.  This is what he was pointing at. 

When Hawk was sure we had all gotten a good look, he started giggling.  Then he said in his loudest outside voice: "Those balls are awesome."

Then everyone in the barn gawked at my charming family, all of whom were staring, horrified at a huge set of porcine onions.  And then my head caught on fire because I was so embarrassed.

The. End.

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