Thursday, August 19, 2010

Top Ten Question Mommies Are Forced to Ask

I find myself asking my kids some truly ridiculous questions and it drives me batty.  Here is a sampling... 

10. What the hell did I just step in?

9. Whose underpants are these and why are they in the silverware drawer?

8. Why. Won't. You. Just. Go. To. SLEEP?  Do you hate mommy?

7. What are you eating?  Are you sure that's food?

6. All right... Who pooped?

5. What is this black thing next to my ear that I am talking into?!  

4.  What do you mean you only have one shoe?

3. Why is the baby all wet?  Oh no.  Who left the bathroom door open?

2. Is this a puddle of apple juice?  Please tell me it's apple juice...

1. Where did you learn that word?  Oh.  Let's not tell Daddy that, OK?

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