Sunday, September 19, 2010

Eric Northlander and The Gasoline Fight

For people who don't watch True Blood, I am so sorry.  I have issues.  This is the last of the True Blood posts.  I swear. 

But for those of us who watch and giggle and sigh...

Sigh...  True Blood is over until next summer and I will just have to make due with Charlaine Harris' terrific books.  But I found something, mommies....  Something special.  I heard it existed but thought it may have been a joke or a myth.  BUT IT IS REAL.  And amazing. 

Eric Northmann was in Zoolander.  He was one of the male models in the gasoline fight scene and he was spectacular

Yet...  Somehow, he seems ever so slightly less frightening now.  And I sure wish there was some way that the True Blood writers could work this scene into Season Four.

xo, Lydia

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