Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kate and Lydia Have News

Last night on our Facebook page, we let everyone know that something sort of big and cool had happened to us and it meant that we would finally get to tell you who we really are.  Then people started posting comments like: Oprah! Book Deal! Reality TV!  Umm... no.  We're so sorry to disappoint you but we're just not that cool.  Yet. 

Yesterday we found out that a very big and schmancy blog called the Huffington Post was going to let us write for them.  We were pretty surprised because when we found out, it was already up and live on their site.  And it was under our actual names.  With our real bios.  And our pictures.  Gahhhhh!!!!  Before we knew what was happening it was already done.  We were out.  Oh wow.  That is just like us.  We get a break and we muck it up manage it like the professionals we are.  Aw Crap.  Now we can't be spies anymore.

When we found out, we immediately told our husbands.  The Cap'n was like: "Huffington Post?  Lydia, that's a very political website.  You know that, right?  It's a liberal blog."  I was a little concerned when I heard that because as you may remember, I am not good at politics and world events.  I thought Rosie O'Donnell was running for the Senate in Delaware and that Balkie from Perfect Strangers recently gave a very ill-mannered speech at the U.N.  We're just not very political.  We're too busy wiping little people's body fluids and ineffectually folding laundry. 

We are just really, really excited that one of the biggest blogs in the whole, wide world is letting us post some stuff with them so that we can pretend we're fancy.  Would you pretty please go read our post and leave a comment?  Commenst are really important.  And also share it on Facebook and Twitter?  We promise to respond to your comments and to be the most grateful mommy-bloggers in the history of ever.  We need your help to let the Huffington Post people that we have lots of awesome readers and that we wear big girl pants and should be taken seriously.  We know they'll figure out the truth soon enough, so could you help a mommy out?  We would really appreciate your help in making this a success.

Please click here for:
And one more thing!  Even though you're about to learn our real names, in Mommyland we will stay Kate and Lydia.  We like it like that. 

And one more(r) thing! Even though our real names are now out there, we're still not going to be posting pictures of our kids or using their real names (or the names of any members of our families or friends).  They deserve to have their privacy and we know you guys understand and appreciate that.
Thank you all so much for reading these rants and making us feel better when we vent to you or we think we suck at the really important stuff - kids, family, friends and of course, tap dancing.

xo, Kate & Lydia

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