Thursday, September 23, 2010

My van is *not* disgusting. At least not right now.

Lydia here. I would like to respond to Kate's claims that my van is so gross that a family of five could survive in it during a blizzard.  Maybe they could - but not because of the filth.  Because of the enormous first aid kit and snack stockpile that I keep in there.  So it is not that I am bad at keeping things clean - it's that I'm totally organized.  Stop laughing.  Specifically, I take exception to the following picture.

That being said, you should know a few things:
  • The picture on the right is of a black car.  Not a Big White Tampon. It is not mine.
  • The pictures below are of a white van.  A Big White Ford Tampon that I happily claim as my own.
  • These photos are like an "I Spy" of car related crap (we call it "strack") stashed in random places.  I'm hoping you can't identify too much...
  • The only reason it looks this good is because the nice man with the neck tattoo at Jiffy Lube straightened it up for me and vacuumed it when I got my oil changed last weekend.   
So suck it, Fancy.  My van is spectacular.  At the moment.  See for yourself.

Front seat view:

Backseat view:

See? It's not that bad.  The guy at Jiffy Lube said he's seen worse.  Though he was shaking his head while he said it.  Oh well!  At least he didn't give me The Righteous Sniff

The End.

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