Monday, September 27, 2010

Princess Whuck? - The Funniest F**king Thing I Heard All Day

My five year old son Hawk is really into Star Wars.  Like really, really into Star Wars.  My husband recently showed him and his big sister this totally ridiculous Star Wars spoof called "Hardware Wars" that is about a hundred years old because the Cap'n heard somewhere that George Lucas loved it.  I happen to think its dumb and a waste of a perfectly good six-to-twelve minutes.  The reason that I'm sharing it with you is that Hawk and Thumbelina thought it was awesome, hilarious and supremely clever.  Whatever.  These are the same people who liked Dora.  In "Hardware Wars", the iconic Star Wars characters have different names: Fluke Starbucker, Princess Android, Oggie Ben Doggie, etc.

So after begging me and their father for days to let them watch it again on YouTube and me saying NO, they settled in for a nice, long conversation about how mommy is mean and how "Hardware Wars" is awesome.  At which point Thumbelina said something about how funny Princess Starf*cker was and I dropped my coffee and her father started choking.

Hawk: "Its not Princess Starf*cker, Thumbelina.  It's Fluke Starbucker and Princess Android."
Thumbelina: "Whatever.  Can we please watch it, Mommy?  What's so funny?  Why are you and daddy crying?"

The. End.

And here's Part Two of Hardware Wars...

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