Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Tap-On Dance Off Extravaganza (and Contest)

We've started the countdown! Four days until Kate and Lydia hit the dance floor -- probably ass first -- for their First Tap-On Dance Off Extravaganza. We have the shoes, we *definitely* have the final recital costumes picked out. [Editor's Note: Suffice to say that Kate has found an amazing flowy skirt for Lydia, complete with flesh-baring cut outs; and Lydia has her eye on a pair of -- brace yourself -- neon green mesh hot pants for Kate.] The whole thing should prove to be one big cluster of falling down and showing more skin than we ever wanted to see on ourselves, much less each other. Also, bruises.

Which brings us to what we're clearly missing. And desperately need. Practice Uniforms. The awesome store, which, incidentally, looked like this from the street:

So, of course, we squealed and then spent the next forty-five minutes in there like we were going on Dancing with the Stars. Which, when we do, and they have the Tap-On Dance Off, we are totally gonna make that one chick cry. Like slobbery, sniffley, snotty, gaspy, snorty cry. It'll be *that* amazing.

Lydia insisted that she needed to spend our hard earned money on legwarmers, and was discussing the importance of keeping one's ankles the proper temperature while flailing all over a wooden floor. But, aside from the spectacular pair called Sugar & Bruno [Editor's Note: Kate immediately declared herself Sugar. Lydia threatened to punch her; of course, reinforcing Kate's notion that Lydia is all thug and therefore should be the Bruno of the group. Bruno in black and white striped knitted legwarmers.] Lydia is now knitting herself a custom made pair, which we anticipate will mean that one of them will be able to snugly fit over her left toe, and the other will be able to completely encase Kate like a human cannoli.

The point being. We need practice uniforms. Practice t-shirts, to be specific. Here's what we loved in the store:

And then there was this when you turned over the Don't Know Me shirt. For the record, Kate fell down when she saw it:

But, we think we need our very own. MommyLand style. And, as it turns out, we. have. our. very. own. store. for such nonsense. Handy how that turns out, no? It's like celebrities with their own clothing lines that suck. We fully plan for ours to be even more whacktacularly awesome. But, it's totally up to you.

So, MOMS! Send us your best, funniest, wittiest, MommyLand-iest t-shirt logos. We'll put them on our t-shirts, send one to the winner, and show up to practice in what will be the best Tap-On Dance Off Extravaganza t-shirt in the history of ever.

We'll pick our favorites and put them up for a poll over the weekend. Then, as always, you pick the winner.

Which we really can't believe we're allowing...again.

xoxo Kate and Lydia

PS There *is* video evidence of yesterday's shopping excursion. It's. Epic.

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