Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thank You, Saturn: Funniest F**king Thing I Heard All Day

Lydia and I were driving (OK, racing) through town to make it to the LTSs school before the bell rang. People, fair warning, if you see the BWT -- any BWT -- in your general vicinity, just pull over. Because that snitch was out of her mind to get there.

I was too busy messing with my phone to pay any attention. Because hanging out with her is like being able to rat on your sister all. the. time. [Editor's Note: Bianca was like an angel when we were kids. She never did anything that would get her trouble. Ever. So I've never truly honed my tattletelling skills. Until now. - Kate] Twitter, Facebook. She acts like a jackhole, I get to tell the world. It's. Awesome.

So, she's losing her mind about being a terrible mother "how can I not be there when school gets out? Hawk is going to be soooooo upset. I suck. I just suck."

And then we see this:

That's right. We were basically hanging out of the car to get the picture.

Kate: Haha. That car is talking to you. Stupid.
Lydia: You know when you've had a bad day when a Saturn tells you about it.

The End.

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