Wednesday, October 6, 2010

From MommyLand Outfitters (Fall/Winter Edition)

We posted a great graphic on the Huffington Post and people were asking if we could turn it into a poster or a kitchen magnet for the MommyLand Cafe Press Store.  OF COURSE WE CAN!! And we can do more than that!   Check out all the brand new awesomeness:

How about a coffee mug for your delicious caffeinated beverages?

How about a the cutest bib in the entire world?

You don't have to be preggers to wear a "Whuck?!" shirt with pride!
(But we think the maternity version has extra awesomeness)

The next time someone asks you if you work, instead of roundhouse kicking them in the face - you can just smile, point to your attractive tote bag and say serenely: "I'm a turtle herder."

We hope you like the new stuff!  Click on over to cafe press to see more fun shirts, hats, and underpants.  No, that wasn't a typo.  Underpants.

xo, Lydia & Kate

(c)Herding Turtles, Inc. 2009 - 2010


  1. I love the shirt! I really think you need some " cat herding" stuff for us moms who's kids scatter all over the place when set free, umm I mean taken to the store, mall, park or anywhere for that matter.

  2. Ok... I'm getting the tote bag and the coffee mug.... Tonight. For real. Can you do the Advisory System one in a travel mug.... because since I'm always driving my girls somewhere... and downing copious amounts of coffee. I would love a travel mug version. Pretty, pretty please with a t-box on top.

  3. I love the coffee mug...any plans to make anything involving Maude?

  4. Fucking brilliant.

  5. Fun! I MUST have the Schmidt Advisory in the water bottle just so I can take it out and about and have other moms comment on it. Great conversational piece ;) The mug is good too...but how can I take that to playgroup? Sadly, the water bottle is out of stock, any ideas on when it will be available? And SO HAPPY to see CAD prices, so I can have my order shipped to me? (Ontario...oh, any way we can say it's a gift on the paperwork so I don't have to pay a gazillion bucks in duty? I ordered candles one time for a cancer fundraiser and I paid more for duty than I did for the F-ing candles!! ) Think I need a Turtle Herding item too.... (yes, I am a shopoholic, give me a day or two and the order will be large...early xmas pressie for myself ;) )

  6. I am hoping Santa Claus brings me one of those mugs in my stocking. It would be so much cooler than my mugs from engineering companies, golf courses, and other assorted places that my husband brings back for me.

  7. I will be requesting the Schmidt Advisory EVERYTHING for Christmas this year.
    Also, on the "Suck It, Fancy" logo...does anyone else think that the "S" in "suck" looks EXTREMELY like an "F"? Just sayin'....

  8. After watching me herd my kids around the gift shop at Cracker Barrel (AKA crap you might buy on vacation, but never when you live near one because that stuff will actually enter your house), a friend of ours (without kids, but occasionally observant about them) commented that it looked more like chicken herding than turtle herding. This has led me to suggest the turtle herding logo on one side (for when you're trying to get them out of the house) and a chicken herding logo on the other (because they lose their ever-lovin' minds when they're in public).




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