Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween! Prepare for TERROR!

Happy Halloween! 

We hope you're having a great time with your kiddos.  Right now we're dressing up small people and decorating things and trying not to eat candy.  Here's hoping all our little darlings have fun and don't get too strung out. 

We thought we'd share a couple of awesome and creepy things with you because we love this holiday.  First is a 1970's TV ad.  We don't think this commercial was intended to be horrifyingly scary but Lydia peed her pants and ran out of the room while Kate laughed and laughed at her stupidness.  Enjoy!

And then there's this charming photo that is scary because Kate was like, "I think she's smiling because she just read our vasectomy post and now she has ideas..." 

Evil laugh time: Mwah! HA HA HA!!

xo, Kate and Lydia

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