Friday, October 22, 2010

Have You Heard About Single Dad Laughing?

In August, we noticed that we were getting these great comments from a blogger called "Single Dad Laughing".  We read his stuff and we loved it.  Lydia tried to reply to one of his comments and accidentally rejected it.  Because she is stupid and also because she tried to do it on her phone and she has fat thumbs.  So she reached out to the SDL to apologize and he turned out to be a really nice guy named Dan Pearce.  We asked him if he maybe wanted to do a guest post for us, since we thought his work was awesome and we don't get a lot of rants from Daddyland.  He very graciously said yes and we were happy.

And then something happened.

He wrote a couple of amazing posts that went viral.  Dan done BLOWED up. His posts are often funny, but the ones that launched him to fame were not.  They were real and heartfelt and amazing.  They talked about rejecting the notion of "perfect" and his experiences as a bullied kid.  He talked about his anger at how cruel some parents can be and how strangers would ask him awful things about his beautiful son, just because Noah is adopted

His first full month of writing was August.  He's already gotten millions hits this month.  He's not just writing a blog - he's starting a movement to encourage acceptance, self-love and a very kid-focused way to be a loving parent.  His success is unreal and we were all like: "WHUCK?! That's awesome! Well, I guess we'll never hear from him again but at least we have the satisfaction of knowing we can spot talent when we see it. Woo hoo! Go Dan!" Then we did a touchdown dance.

But he wrote us back!  Again he was gracious and funny and not only did he still want to guest for us (check back in a couple of weeks), but he's letting us guest for him!  TODAY!  If you haven't read his posts or seen them forwarded on Facebook on Twitter, you'll thank us.  Please consider following him on his blog, Facebook and Twitter.  His message is entirely sincere.  His awesomeness is reaching t-box levels.  We've never actually met him, but we heart him.  He's generous and cool and his little boy is the cutest thing ever.  Just look...

xo, Kate & Lydia

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