Friday, October 15, 2010

Heard on the Hill?

We got written up by a local newspaper yesterday in Washington, DC.  Here's the link for it if you want to read the article (warning - it might not work, sometimes it's "open" and sometimes it's only open to subscribers).  We were thrilled for several reasons:

1) Clooney
2) Tim Gunn
3) Law & Order
4) The words "Rants from MommyLand" are actually in print!  The only time they've ever been printed before was on Lydia's deskjet and they got all smudgey when she accidentally spilled coffee on them. 

We would be feeling glamorous right now except that Mini-mini-me just filled her diaper with what I swear is some sort of toxic sludge and now I have to go deal with it and I left my bio-hazard suit in the van.  Also, George won't return Kate's phone calls.  Still. 

Glamorously yours,
xo, Kate & Lydia

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