Sunday, October 24, 2010

Help Me, Obi Wan.

Remember when I wrote about Losing Weight and Using the Force?  I want to apologize right now to anyone who is like: "Ugh.  Another weight loss post.  That's so NOT why I come here."  I understand and I'm sorry and I promise to keep it short. 

But I am committed to living healthy and having a smaller ass!  Well, sort of... You see, in the two weeks since I wrote that post about dieting and getting healthy, I haven't gained any weight.  But I also haven't lost any either.  I'm slowly getting sloppy.  It's the trifecta of PMS, cooler weather and getting over a bad cold (which, of course, calls for the intake of salty snacks and scotch).  For a couple of days if my choices were DO (diet) or DO NOT (diet)  - I went with do not

OK.  I'll be honest.  For some reason I have been starving for the past four days and, instead of drinking more water, I've been stuffing my face like the damn Cookie Monster.  Cookie starts with "C", y'all.  Lettuce starts with "L", and I hate that crap.

But I'm getting so close to needing new pants.  Maybe I'll even get fancy pants.  Probably I will just get more yoga pants, but in a smaller size.  The point is - if I lose like ten more pounds, I get to go shopping. Gahhhhhhh! I was doing so well and now I all want to do is drink my Cab-Shiraz t-box and eat chocolate. 

Help me, mommies - you're my only hope.  If you have any links or tips or books or articles or songs or Aqua Buddas or ideas or anything to keep me motivated, I would really appreciate hearing it.  Also, if you have any really good recipes for food that has practically no calories and absolutely no lettuce, I'd like to hear about that too.  Please don't send me pictures of Jabba the Hut with "this looks like you, Lydia" written on it because then I'll just cry and eat brie. 

Mmmmmm..... brie.


xo, Lydia

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