Sunday, October 24, 2010

Help Me, Obi Wan.

Remember when I wrote about Losing Weight and Using the Force?  I want to apologize right now to anyone who is like: "Ugh.  Another weight loss post.  That's so NOT why I come here."  I understand and I'm sorry and I promise to keep it short. 

But I am committed to living healthy and having a smaller ass!  Well, sort of... You see, in the two weeks since I wrote that post about dieting and getting healthy, I haven't gained any weight.  But I also haven't lost any either.  I'm slowly getting sloppy.  It's the trifecta of PMS, cooler weather and getting over a bad cold (which, of course, calls for the intake of salty snacks and scotch).  For a couple of days if my choices were DO (diet) or DO NOT (diet)  - I went with do not

OK.  I'll be honest.  For some reason I have been starving for the past four days and, instead of drinking more water, I've been stuffing my face like the damn Cookie Monster.  Cookie starts with "C", y'all.  Lettuce starts with "L", and I hate that crap.

But I'm getting so close to needing new pants.  Maybe I'll even get fancy pants.  Probably I will just get more yoga pants, but in a smaller size.  The point is - if I lose like ten more pounds, I get to go shopping. Gahhhhhhh! I was doing so well and now I all want to do is drink my Cab-Shiraz t-box and eat chocolate. 

Help me, mommies - you're my only hope.  If you have any links or tips or books or articles or songs or Aqua Buddas or ideas or anything to keep me motivated, I would really appreciate hearing it.  Also, if you have any really good recipes for food that has practically no calories and absolutely no lettuce, I'd like to hear about that too.  Please don't send me pictures of Jabba the Hut with "this looks like you, Lydia" written on it because then I'll just cry and eat brie. 

Mmmmmm..... brie.


xo, Lydia

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  1. I can't help you. The cab/shiraz t-box is the nectar of the gods. So sorry.

  2. When I'm being a good mommy, I eat an apple or a salad 20 minutes before dinner. Helps me control the inevitable gorging. And I don't eat off the kids' plates, since they're apt to leave a person's worth of food in various piles throughout the day.

    And then, might I suggest a new least-favorite-person? Jillian Michaels. 30 Day Shred. Look, the woman's pure evil and you will curse at her. You will. And then you'll see your abs and you'll think "OH! LONG LOST FRIEND! How I LOVE YOU!" and you'll forgive Jillian. For about 30 seconds.

  3. I've lost 9 lbs in three weeks doing Zumba! Haven't changed anything about the way I eat...just dancing two nights a week! I highly recommend it! Find a Zumba class and get moving. :)

  4. I drink lots of water and eat a ton of soup. Especially homemade soup with ten thousand pounds of veggies in them-they are filling and tasty (the salt in the canned soups make me retain water something crazy; lord knows I don't need that!)

  5. i am with M on the 30 day shred! i have that whole love hate thing with jillian as well....
    and i dont diet. i actually have a problem of not eating enough and my body revolting by not losing any weight as well. i have my phone alarm set to go off every 2 and a half hours so i eat something... like an apple or triscuits as a snack or light meal!

  6. I would like to strongly recommend TOPS. I have lost over 100 lbs and kept it off. You can find a non-profit group near you at I strongly recommend this approach!!!

  7. Start your day with protein. My standard breakfast is oatmeal made with milk and an egg. It sounds gross, but it turns it into this lovely custard-y oatmeal that is super yummy and helps me make it to lunch with only a piece of fruit for a snack mid-morning. 1/3 c quick (not instant) oats, 1/2 c milk, 1 egg. Mix and nuke for 1 minute. Stir. Nuke for about 30 sec more (to make sure the egg is cooked through). I stir in a bit more milk and a tbsp of maple syrup (Canadian, eh!). YUMMO!

    I've been doing WW for close to 2 years and hit goal/lifetime this summer. 55lb, baby! It was hard to slog through some of those weeks, only losing a 1/2lb or gaining a bit, but in the long run, it is SOOO worth it. The other thing that got me though was my "free" day. Saturday was the day. I still ate mostly "regular" for breakfast and lunch, but that was my day for extra treats (e.g., full fat, full whip selfy steam!) or the night DH and I would go for supper, sans IHP. ;). Maybe I would have got to goal a bit quicker without doing this, but there were still lots of weeks I lost 1.5-2lb doing this. I needed a day that I could say F*CK IT!!! if I wanted to!

    You can do it, Lydia!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!

    Oh, and I lost all those 55lb with NO EXERCISE!!!! Cutting calories does so much more than exercise. And don't starve yourself. Your body will go into starvation mode and it will cling to every.last.calorie. I think it's good to have a week here and there that you eat a bit more as it reminds your body that you aren't starving! Good protein, whole grains, veggies, fruit, reasonable fat content dairy (that no fat stuff is nasty and unnecessary!).

    Good luck, babe!!

  8. To start with cut down sugar intake. I lost the first 10 pounds by avoiding ANYTHING with high fructose corn syrup in it like the plague. Its not. But it is a good marker for foods you shouldn't eat. I believe breaking the sugar addiction is the only way to keep the weight off permanently.

  9. POPCORN....I managed to lose 62 pounds in about a year from POPCORN.

    Next time you are at Target go to the microwave section and get one of the microwave popcorn bowls (Nordic, Norware or something like that) and get "loose" popcorn (splurge and get Orvil really does pop better and you end up buying more of the store brand so it balances). I put one tablespoon of olive oil and about 1/3 a cup of popcorn. Grab a handful whenever I felt munchy. The bags of microwave popcorn are super high in sodium/oils etc (even the "light" versions) and this gives you good oils and HIGH fiber content. When you need a good chocolate fix throw in a handful of m&m's right after you take it out of the microwave and they get oooie gooie from the heat and its minimal calories and gives you enough to take the edge off a craving. GOOD LUCK YOU CAN DO IT

  10. Nothing tastes as good as thin FEELS, girl! If you are craving sweets- take 1000-2000 mg of MAGNESIUM every day. That is the total magic key that turned my sugar craving OFF and my rock hard bod ON! You can do it! And you will SO LOVE yourself in the morning!!

  11. I'm right here with ya, sister. I've heard so many times "Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels". And I'm here to tell you, as snarky as this sounds, it's absolutely the truth. 10 years ago I weighed 300lbs and let me tell ya, it sucked the biggest, sweatiest ugliest donkey balls you could ever imagine. I will admit that I had gastric bypass surgery and in those 10 years I have lost 160lbs, had 2 kids, and gained about 40 back. I'm trying to lose 25. And in my own warped and body-image-twisted brain, it seems as far away as the 160lbs. I know. Stupid. But there you have my story.

    Here's the inspirational part. You're doing awesome. That you haven't gained in the last 2 weeks means the changes you have already made are working for the long term. Sulk for tonight, enjoy your sulking, then get up in the morning, put on your big girls panties (that are getting looser if you'll notice) and start all over with breakfast. Eggs and toast are actually very good for you.

    If you have the time and the energy, I really like the Zone diet. It's basically a lean protein, a healthy fat and a complex carb at each meal. I actually like the food, eggs scrambled in olive oil and an apple or some other fruit, or whole wheat toast for breakfast. I feel full, I feel energized, and I get to eat all day long. About every 3 hours, and while it's a pain in the taco, it's actually neat to be telling myself I "get" to eat all day long.

    Of course exercise is important, but who has time for that? little stretching here and there, a little dancing while you're making all those meals you're gonna be eating, race the kids to and from the car going into Target, and before you know it, you've done your 30 minutes of cardio every single day. Before you know it, you've lost those 10lbs and some of their friends.

    Now I just have to take my own advice. Good luck to you. You are beautiful and being healthy for yourself and your family is one of the most important things you can do. I'm so proud for you!

  12. weight watchers did it for me - almost 20 pounds in 4 mo. - but I will tell you that this idea that you can lose weight and not be hungry is bull shit. If you are used to overeating (as I was, and as are most women who are overweight), and you reduce your food intake YOU WILL GET HUNGRY. Just embrace it in the most zen way possible realizing that the only sure-fire way to lose weight is reduce your calories... or cuss a lot and get really pissy...whatever works. As long as you are losing weight healthfully, hunger will not hurt you. I can also tell you that it will get better. you will be hungry and pissy for awhile but IT DOES GET BETTER. As your body gets used to fewer calories, you'll start feeling so much better and you'll start seeing those numbers and inches drop which will make you feel even better. Good luck!

  13. I make a pot of soup and keep it in the fridge to snack on. It's generally just a lot of whatever I got in the fridge... fat free chicken broth, diced tomatoes, onion mushroom, turnip, spinach, seasoning/spices... yada yada... I also add some quinoa for protein. It's zero fat, super low calorie and low carb. I will heat up a bowl with a bit of low fat mozzarella. I'll also "toast" a piece of sourdough in a skillet... I lightly spray each side with some cooking spray and sprinkle with garlic powder and salt. I can eat it whenever and feel guilt free. Hugs, and good luck.

  14. I just found your blog and I love it! I'm still new to this whole "mommy" thing, baby is 13 months. But to lose the baby weight I spent the money on a personal trainer. BEST MONEY I'VE EVER SPENT! apparently 50% is nutrition, 10% is cardio, and 40% is strength training. My problem was the strength training and nutrition, but now I've lost the weight and then some. I'm also running my first Half Marathon in a week. I also just needed to answer to somebody, just an idea. Good Luck! It sucks!

  15. oh and seriously, ignore the exercise myth. Exercise is important for your overall health but it doesn't make you lose weight. The only way it helps you lose weight is as a secondary benefit - you work out, you feel healthy, you eat healthy, you lose weight...but you can never burn enough calories in a work out to compensate for eating too much. And for many women (me included), a lot of exercise makes them feel like they need to eat more...which can actually make them GAIN weight. I didn't add anything to my normal activity level for the first 2 months of my weight loss journey.

  16. Yes I do have a recommendation actually: Kashi Bars (the CRUNCHY
    ones), are glycemically balanced--have a good mix of protein, fat, fiber,
    Etc, and therefore don't make your blood sugar jump or crash--and are really
    just good for you.
    But here's the kicker--they taste like candy bars!! Really!! And they're
    a decent size too so they are actually satisfying! They come in yummy
    flavors--cinnamon roll, peanut/chocolate*, chocolate pretzel*, chocolate/almod,
    chocolate caramel*...they are GREAT. I have one for breakfast every day.
    I even take one to the movies as my "candy". (with my popcorn.
    yes, I still eat the popcorn...but at least I'm not also eating candy! (except
    for those junior mints last night. Whatever))

    You should always eat breakfast. It jump starts your metabolism. So
    So what I'm telling you is this: eat one of these candy bar-tasting
    yummies for breakfast every morning. Try it, you'll like it!
    Ok too much Yo Gabba Gabba. But you get what I'm saying.

  17. BTW--- if you start your day out with some Original Kashi GoLean (not Crunch, original) and fat free, fortified milk with a packet of splenda-- it really packs a good protein and fiber-ful breakfast. It keeps you full for quite some time.

    For lunch, you can eat brie melted on some Nature's Own 35 calorie bread and some turkey (throw a couple slices of tomatoes on there for an awesome addition). Add in a cheese stick, some carrots and celery or a spinach salad and your lunch is done and filling.

    For dinner, this is my FAVORITE recipe on Spark:

    You don't HAVE to be hungry and really, you shouldn't be. Too many people try to eat too few calories and freak their bodies out. You can do this-- stay focused and check out the forums and some teams for help and support!!

  18. As part of my job I do weight management counseling and I know you could go crazy trying to sort through all the diet information out there (or starve). Here is a good place to start:

    The Divided Plate plan helps you cut calories, get good nutrition and isn't too complicated.

    To lose 1 pound a week, you need to cut 3500 calories per week or 500 calories a day, so try to think about small ways you can cut 100 or 200 calories (low fat, light, less of this or that). It is so much easier to lose weight if you think about making small changes instead of taking the all or nothing approach.

    Here is a link to Kraft's website, they have some simple, healthy recipes and give the nutritional information too(I HATE to cook and I can handle these.)

    Hope this helps and good luck!

  19. I totally recommed the 30 Day Shred, too. It only takes 20 minutes, and you get to scream at Jillian Michaels for at least half of it!

  20. I just started reading this blog. Great stuff, here!

    Check out It's an effective way of monitoring your calories. I know, for me, that when I don't monitor what I eat, it's REALLY easy to over do it. This program is cheap (around $30), has a 15 day free trial, and is really easy to use. Good luck with your goals!

  21. Want to shrink my size 16 assOctober 24, 2010 at 10:12 PM

    There's an App for that. I have been on and off the wagon forever. I can't seem to have energy, diet and workout all at the same time without falling horribly off the wagon never to get back on it again because I am starving.

    Then my dad heard this thing on the radio. It said that if you just try to lose a pound a week and count calories you don't have to give anything up. They have done a long term study of women who want to lose weight and this is the most effective method. You just have to stay within your calorie count. Now I know how much that sounds like it sucks but wait a minute...IT DOESN'T I have been on this for almost three weeks. It's amazing. The App that I am using is called Live Strong Calorie counter.

    Here is the thing. YOu enter activity levels as well as food. So if you burn a crap load of calories by being active, you can eat more. So you can eat what you want but you can also burn it off by exercise. Exercise can be ANYTHING. For example, I entered the million hours of house work I did yesterday and it made it so I could eat whatever the hell I wanted. So we had fondue. So instead of deny deny deny all the time, you can reward hardwork with a bag of cookies. Did you spend the day playing with your kids? Counts as exercise and calories burned.

    Bonus? I am not hungry. Not even a little bit. I am burning the calories I consume and not over eating. By carrying around my iPhone all the time and entering what I eat I can say "slow down heifer" and eat less or work out more. On days where I am super active I am not starving myself but not over eating.
    The app allows you to look up calories in food (basically if you can eat it, they have it on there) and almost any activities. Sewing, driving playing with kids and dogs it's in there.

    The app makes it fun and surprisingly I have more energy and don't want to just sit around and do nothing. I am only going to weigh myself once a month so I can't give you numbers yet but I do know this, my pants are not as tight when fresh out of the dryer and my husband came up to me today to tell me that he is startled by how much weight is gone from my ass (he said it in a way that won him points. I promise he's not that mean). Good luck and try not to be so hard on yourself.

  22. Treadmilling in the evening after kids are all in bed - I lost 40 pounds of baby weight after my second pregnancy this way. My husband set up a TV with DVR and DVD player in the basement, also hooked up to Netflix streaming so that I don't have the excuse of being bored with exercising. Now my 3rd baby just turned 7 months and I really need to get my a** in gear to lose pregnancy weight AGAIN. The ups and downs of gaining and losing weight with multiple pregnancies is a real drag.

  23. If you feel you MUST consume a calorie somewhere, just don't do it in liquid form. Black coffee, unsweet tea and water. Eat a calorie or two, to satisfy your carving, but drink NONE. Makes a big difference. You 'll be surprised how many calories you can save in a week by not drinking them.

  24. I don't have any advice, as I'm in your same boat, but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if you'd post some of the answers you know, more than just in the comments section. You know, Moms helping Moms.

    Because my advice consists of being friends with fatter people, and I'm pretty sure Kate would notice it if you started slipping her heavy cream at every instance.

  25. (Bela Karolyi voice) You can do it, Lydia!!!!!
    Repeat as needed.

  26. Hmm...I am the total opposite of the "exercise myth" people. I hate dieting because I love food. Not the crappy fast food/junk food/snack food stuff, but REAL food. I tried the Atkins diet and turned into Linda Blair after just 3 hours.
    Seriously. Head spinning, spewing pea soup, losing my schmidt, psy-chooo.
    I lost 45 pounds by walking 30-45 minutes, five days a week over the course of six months. I started out only able to finish a mile at first, but now I can get in at least two and sometimes three miles in under an hour.
    Now, granted, it changed how I wanted to eat---namely, the crappy foods listed above lost their appeal. My upper body workout was supplied by lifting my toddler in and out of stuff all damn day, so I was okay there.
    What was really cool about it was that I took my daughter with me in a baby jogger (she was 3 at the time.) We both got out of the house, I got healthy, (I've fluctuated 10 pounds up and down, but have managed to maintain my weight for over five years now,) and my now 9 year old daughter appreciates the importance of taking care of herself just like Mommy.
    Now, I drop my daughter off at school then immediately go home and walk the dog.
    It's ME time. I am alone with my thoughts, my music, and my dog for a blissful 45 minutes before returning home to the chores, clutter, errands, etc.
    Even Mommies deserve a break.
    And let's be honest...gyms are about as much fun as a trip to the dentist and the gyno in the same day.

  27. I know people will say you don't have to be hungry - that might be the case for some people but I did all the tricks, followed all the rules and only lost a pound a week and there were many times I was hungry...and you know what? SO WHAT! I am a firm believer that one of the main reasons we are so fricking fat in this country..and because we are so afraid of lack, of hunger, of going without. Because we're obsessed with our own abundance. Don't be so afraid of the hunger. If you're eating healthy and consuming sufficient calories, hunger is truly not the enemy and it won't kill you. One of the most empowering things for me while on weight watchers was to eat a meal, not overstuff myself, be satisfied and then get hungry and realize that I don't have to let hunger rule me. I can let myself be hungry and just rest in that. And like I said, you will get past the hunger phase anyway.

    Also keep in mind with all this advise, everyone's metabolism is different. I find that oatmeal - supposedly very filling, makes me more hungry after about an hour.

    By all means, try it all but the KISS rule is usually the best.

  28. Read Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. You'll never think about food the same again. I've lost 40 lbs. since June, and I feel amazing.

  29. Using my kids nap time to get my ass on my elliptical machine. Got my MP3 player full of my favorite's actually one of two times of the day that I get to myself...the other being once the kids are in bed. And trying to cut down on snacking. I hate lettuce too....unless it's part of a huge taco "salad".

  30. I bring you a diet tip that comes from being allergic to too many damn things: BAKE. Buy no baked goods from any store anywhere; if you want it, you have to bake it yourself. Since I'm allergic to wheat now (such a lovely postpartum gift!), I also use a flour blend wherever a recipe calls for flour: 2 parts rice flour, 1 part garbanzo bean flour, 1 part tapioca starch. It tastes good in every recipe I've tried so far, it's the right consistency, and it's got fiber in it. Sneaky health food! I can send you my honey cookie recipe if you'd like. I got attacked by grown women demanding the recipe last time I made them. I think it was the "Please - you could eat these ALL DAY and probably still lose weight" that did them in.

    I didn't have any weight to lose to begin with, but even so I dropped two sizes in about 3 months. And I bake *something* (in a double batch) EVERY WEEK. Because otherwise I will kill everyone.

    Also? Get 20-oz lager glasses. Drink at least one of those suckers full of WATER at every meal. Religiously. A lot of times, people feel hungry but are really just thirsty.

    Oh yeah, and random tip from my mom: when you're starving hungry in between meals, eat a spoonful of blackstrap molasses. She swears the vitamins and minerals will make your body shut up, plus it's kind of sweet.

    I hope any of that helps - it's always awesome to get new clothes!

  31. Lydia, you CAN do this. I've been overweight since I was 3 weeks old. (1 premie baby + 1 frightened mommy + 1 clinically insane Obstetrician = heifer child.) I'm now 41, and I'm only just starting to really get a handle on my head space and losing weight. So far, I've lost 80 pounds. I'm very proud of this, but truthfully, I need to lose about 200 more pounds. =0 Yeah, well, anyway.... You are a word smith and understand the power of words, so use that to your advantage. Divide a sheet of paper into two columns. Write FOR on one side and AGAINST on the other. Under FOR, write all the reasons why you want to get healthy and all the good things you can do to get there. Under AGAINST, write all the things, situations and feelings that are stopping you. My list allows me a little perspective and it helps to shut up the food demons in my head. It's easy for me to get hung up on reasons why I should lose weight (for the kids, for my health, for my husband, etc.). And those are all good reasons. But if I'm not doing it for me, then I might as well not do it at all. The other thing is to forgive yourself when you have a cookie moment or even a cookie day. Instead of crucifying yourself for a moment of indulgence, realize you can't change the past, accept the fact that you enjoy the hell out of the junk food, and then get back to the healthy eating. We are not perfect people, try as we might. We are human, and humans like junk food. That's why we invented it. Treat yourself as well as you expect your children to treat each other -- forgive and forget the cookies, eh? Oh yeah -- every month without fail on the week leading up to my monthly clearance sale/shark week/ aunt flo, I gain a pound and a half whether I ate all of the chocolate in the free world or lived strictly on radishes and celery. I do not sweat the pre-period weight gain. Declare it water, and fear not. You CAN do this. You are amazing, beautiful, worthy, and worth it. You. Are. Awesome. Big love to you, Cami

  32. Epicurious has a great Butternut Squash with Cider Cream recipe. It's low-cal, if you eliminate the heavy cream (it doesn't need it), and use low-fat sour cream for the cider cream dollop on top. Clear-broth and vegetable-based soups have become my go to cold weather comfort food. I also drink mugs and mugs of hot tea. Rooibos is a favorite, since it's sweet on it's own and needs no sugar.

    As someone who is staring at a scale that shows my own sloppiness as of late, and for the very same reasons, the best advice I can offer is forgiving, but not forgetting, and getting on with it. In the past, when I had a diet misstep, I’d go into a feeding frenzy that’d have Jaws wanting to pull me aside and suggest a little moderation. Now, I focus on why I did what I did (which you already have), and try to figure out ways to not do it the next time. The first time my mother came to “help” with my daughter, while my husband was out of town, she wound up inadvertently calling me fat (“Doesn’t Mommy have a nice, soft lap?” GRRRRRRR) and called my skills as a parent into question. I gained 5lbs that week. Thanks. Now, when she comes down, the same stupid stuff comes out of her mouth, but I avoid swallowing everything in sight to wash down what I really want to say. I take my daughter on long “nappy strolls” (she naps, I push her 5-8 miles until she wakes up), and promise myself a beer, hard cider, or glass of wine, when my daughter goes to bed for the evening. Sometimes I don’t even drink it, but the promise of a relaxing and tasty indulgence is enough to make me make better food choices for the rest of the day. When I do indulge, I make sure it’s something my mother can’t even stand the smell of. Passive aggressive and immature? Sure. But the calories are the same.

    PMS and illnesses of any kind are always difficult to handle on a diet. You feel like your body is no longer your own, but a vacation rental for some obnoxious tourists who leave their crap everywhere and run up the utilities. Cut yourself some slack during those times. Sometimes a little chocolate, wine, scotch, whatever, are more effective than pharmaceuticals, and much much cheaper. So reach for the T-box, Dagoba, Lindt, whatever’s calling your name (“Aaaannnnniieee, this is the bar of Lindt Dark with a Touch of Sea Salt you’ve been hiding from Hubbie…” Oh crap…), give in a little, and forgive yourself for it. If it helps at all, go for the best quality, darkest chocolate you can. A little will go a long way. And, if you’re like me, the bar will last a week, since the stinkin’ thing is so guilt-inducing-ly expensive.

    And think about this: you’re not gaining any weight. You.Are.Not.Gaining.Any.Weight. You’re still doing enough things right that getting back on track won’t be hard. This is a temporary stop, not a derailment. You are doing a fantastic job! Remember that, and hold on to it!

  33. I've done Weight Watchers before and had success. Right now, a group of us are doing "Fat Camp." Yep, that's what we are calling it. Some of us are just counting calories, some are doing WW, but we check in every week for accountability. I've lost 8 pounds since Labor Day. My husband has lost 23. He's a fucker. We just kicked him out of Fat Camp because obviously he doesn't need us. Anyway, I would recommend lots of fruit and veggies, protein and tons of water to keep you full. I aim for a pound a week of weight loss. That's reasonable and I don't go stark raving mad limiting myself. I would also suggest writing everything down that you seems to limit the "cheating." Good job, keep up the good work.

  34. Here is what I've learned:

    1. When you think you are hungry and just HAVE to have (insert food here), drink a glass of water first. Usually when you think you are hungry, you really are just thirsty.

    2. When a craving hits you, wait 10 minutes. If it is just a craving, it will pass. If you are still craving it, go ahead and eat it sloooowly.

    3. Fruits and vegetables really are your best friends.

    Now if only I could learn to follow my own advice......

  35. Well, I didn't take the time to read everyone else's responses, so maybe you heard this from someone else already, but you inspired me and my whole family to get on SparkPeople and get serious about losing weight and getting healthy. I'm a huge fan of yours, and you GFs totally ROCK! So I'm wondering if you're still trying to get plugged in there, and if you've found a Spark Buddy yet... I'm willing if you are! Come look me up! MrldCtyGrl. I'm in Seattle (basically) so it's not like we can go drool over chocolate we shouldn't eat hand in hand or anything, but I am a chef, so some of my healther recipes that we actually eat pretty often are pretty simple and don't totally suck!

  36. Lydia,
    I read some responses and in my case I am more like you (try/fail/try/fail) and what I learned is that before you hire and trainer and take classes (which I did for 4 months), buy a tred mill etc., check your health! Also, the most important , i think, is ARE YOU FINALLY sleeping 8 hours a night uninterrupted? In my case, lack of sleep was tempering with all the efforts. Sleep, good health and good diet of favorite food only half the portions you are used to eatting is the way to start. If that happens even simple dance class or walking a lot will produce amazing results! I had a ttrainer like Gillian and took other classes for 4 months with 0 results and all because of what I eantioned above!
    Hang on in there! It will happen, wait and see!
    Thank you for your blog and saving my sanity (I think I loose wait when I read your blog and laugh ;-) )

  37. DON'T eat anything that's "low fat" or "fat free" because your body treats it like sugar and you get bigger. Actually the best thing to do is cut out anything processed or refined-- which includes diet foods and anything that you don't know what the ingredients are. When you eat fat, eat full fat because a)proper fats like butter and olive oil help you assimilate the vitamins and minerals you get from everything else, b) your body knows what to do with them because they haven't been refined and processed or made of bizarre chemicals and c) you actually feel fuller eating less food.

    Snack on veggies and someone mentioned popcorn--which is also a good idea. Top it with nutritional yeast for some extra B vitamins--tastes just like cheese. And make sure you get out for a 30-45 minute walk 4 times a week.

    NEVER EAT SUGAR-- or any refined carbs, and when you eat carbs make sure they're whole grain--and not too many. Honey and Maple syrup are nice in small amounts especially on oats--which are yummier and better assimilated if you soak them in water and a TBSP of buttermilk or yogurt overnight.

    Your body will not get healthy or thin on fake food. Natural is best. If the body needed calorie-free highly processed diet-food to be thin and healthy then how come America is fat and Europe is full of thin people eating BRIE? Because our bodies don't don't know what to do with crap and it just makes us fatter or sicker.

    Don't get me wrong-- stuffing in a truck load of brie in will not help you get thinner, but a little bit of brie once a week is better for your weight loss than eating fat-free cheese instead. A few slices of bacon on a saturday morning is going to be better than veggie ground round all week.


    Snack on veggies (and homemade dip if you like)

    eat whole grains and less of em

    eat full fat when you eat fat

    skip the refined sugars and processed pretend food

    and walk regularly

    I've had two babies and within 5 months of each birth I was back to pre-baby weight and by 9 months I'd lost an extra ten and managed to mostly keep it off. I'm thinner now than I was at 16 and I feel better.

  38. If you are serious and want a great support system, lots of good recipes and a great resource for all things for getting fit, I recommend it's an amazing website!

  39. No carbs after 5p.m. That is the trick :)

  40. Well, I'm not trying to be the only LOSER on this answering your post crap, but wow....some of the advice is just so Barbie. I've tried WW, Curves work out, Treadmill, No sugar.....and in 4 yrs of STICKING to the diet/work out....I've lost 14 lbs. WHAT? I have come to the conclusion that I have too much stress in my life and just need to drink more. Then I'll feel happy and laugh my ass off. Much more fun. I've also decided that my kids really love me so I must not look as huge as I feel...butt (intended) if I am as huge as I feel as least I'm the most huggable thing my kids and hubby have! So I say look on the bright side..there is NO way you look as bad as I would in yoga pants. No way.

  41. I know of two that are sort of like websites that are nothing but mommies willing to help out others. One is tbwap (tight bod with a pod) really great about easy exercises. Another is bookie boo. and they both have facebook pages, though you'll find the one for bookie boo listed as mamavation. =) They're pretty great. I was always told "eat when you are hungry" You'll eat more often but you'll eat less. I eat cookies and stuff like that when I crave them but in moderation so I eat less. Don't starve yourself 'cause you need all the protein. I've cut out fast food from my diet pretty much entirely unless it's an emergency stop, and I limit myself to one glass/can of soda a day. =) Find something that works for you, and you'll find yourself not really worrying so much about it.

  42. WW did it for me, finally kicked the extra 25lbs of baby weight i'd been carrying around that i hadn't lost after #2 and got me back to my pre baby #1 weight.

    the thing i was most guilty of (and still have to remind myself not to do) snacking off the kids plates/finishing what they didn't eat. All those little nibbles add up fast.

    One of my fav recipies for the cooler wether is htis 1 point turkey chili one- filling & yummy!

    Good luck, you can do it!

  43. You are doing such a great job! Everyone hits a plateau at some point, but don't give up! I lost 50lbs & went from a 16 to a 6. I have 2 kids, a needy husband, & a giant dog. You just need to get out of your own head for a moment. Also, remember that while it is great to do it for your health & your kids, also think how cool it will be when some young d-bag checks you out (Hello, Pauly D!!)...after all, you're gorgeous & still young & as my trainer says, 'trust me, they're looking.' Ooo...speaking of trainers...workout! And I don't just mean cardio, I mean strength training. I was a complete moron when it came to strength training, but getting a trainer has made all of the difference in the world. Find a trainer that understands that high reps and low weights are the key...then HIRE HIM! It will be the best $50/week you've ever spent. Mine comes to my house, works with what I have & pushes me...HARD. He also triggers that competitive spirit in me - 'cause there's no way I'm seeing him the next week & not conquering that new exercise or getting a little stronger. He's helped me drop from a 12 to a 6 even though my weight has remained the same. Finally, throw out those old yoga pants now! Go get that smaller size & start wearing them! You can do it! You look fabulous!!!!
    BTW - we just started a facebook page for my trainer. He's not in your area, but he's posting tips on weight loss & fitness...and will be posting a lot more as we get his page up and running. He may even know people in your area. Contact him. Good luck!!/pages/Pittsburgh-PA/Gregg-Penrod-Personal-Training-Health-Fitness/157603567604904

  44. I have been exercising for 5 months, but didn't change my eating habits. I lost only 2.5 pounds. HOWEVER, I look thinner and I fit into my "skinny jeans". Working out isn't just about weight loss. It's about making it impossible for you seven-year-old daughter to smack your ass around in the shower and shout, "it looks like jello!"

  45. I have some yummy recipes... do you like quinoa? Because apparently it's really healthy and I made it yesterday and even Husband ate it and didn't complain that it was lacking meat.

    Of course, my recipes don't have meat. So there's that. And they dont' have chocolate. But I, like you, am trying to narrow my ass so we're at least in this together! :)

  46. I lost 65 pounds after each of my kids were born. My body likes to gain 65 POUNDS!! But fitness is something I do, so I can give you a few pointers.
    Base case, your exercise week should be at least 30 minutes of cardio five or six days a week with three weight lifting sessions thrown in. Get online and find your BMR (basal metabolic rate) to see how many calories you should be eating everyday, and stick to it! I also use the Lose It! app on my iPhone to track calories. It's strangly fun!
    My friend, Mandi, is a trainer AND dietitian, and she runs an awesome website called Diet, exercise, yummy recipes all in one place. Oh, and she used to be very overweight and unhealthy, and she has the photos on the website to prove it! Now she is a hardbody and a fitness pro! Check her out!

  47. I'm not going to pretend I read all these comments, so forgive any repeat advice. I have 4 kids breathing down my neck so quickly:
    honeycrisp apples - sweet & crunchy! Other apples will do, but these are the bomb.
    Popcorn - salty & crunchy!
    All snacking leads me to these two things.

    I'm trying to lose weight too, and one thing I'm trying is to eat things as close to nature as possible. So, you know those milky way mini bars I have for Halloween are being resisted since they don't grow on trees. (Wouldn't that be an awesome tree though?)

  48. This is SOOOO good! They say you can dip carrot sticks or whatever in it, but I like to spread a wedge on a Thomas's Bagel Thin. Add a side of fruit and you have a delicious, filling breakfast. Or, for lunch you take an Orowheat Whole Wheat Sandwich Thin (100 calories, spread a wedge on it, add lean Turkey (and veggie toppings if you like), and your sandwich is so tasty without any other condiments or cheese added. For real. Good luck! :)

  49. Keep a bowl of sliced fruit and a container of veggie sticks in the fridge at all times. That way you have something healthy to grab when you're feeling snacky.

    Don't starve yourself. Instead, try to replace the high-calorie- high-sugar things you eat with healthy choices that you actually like. (Not lettuce. No and even no-er.)

    Drink lots and lots of water.

    Make sure you eat lots of fiber. Fiber is filling.

    Practice your tap-dancing. That's exercise, right?

    You can do it!! I'm working on my last ten pounds. We'll do it together.

  50. I can't believe nobody here has mentioned T-Tapp! ( By doing a 20 minute workout consistently, I lose about a size a month. But, the trick is to be consistent. :) Also foodwise, the previous post about eliminating processed foods and eating full fat is totally correct.

    Keep reminding yourself that it's the small things over time that make a difference. It might take time, but small healthy changes add up! Good luck!

    (Since this is my first comment, I also have to add that I LOVE your blog!)

  51. There are so many comments here and different ideas I think I am going to cry... but seriously, good job on not gaining! I am slowly losing because my 22 month old refuses (and I am too much of a softie) to wean. Really, though, I am like a rabid goat while breastfeeding. SOOO hungry. Good thing it burns like 500 calories a day. Whoot!

    Oh, sorry, no advice yet! I recommend Atkins. Lost 60 pounds in 5 months that way. Cutting the carbs out redesigns your metabolism, works great, you actually burn more calories a day. Ummm... I totally eat carbs these days because the kiddo thing equals junk all over my house. I would probably look like Kate if I stopped eating their leftovers. And Kate is TOO skinny. Just to let you know.

  52. Wow..there is a LOT of good advice here in the comments...I might have to use one or two (or three or more!)...I'm still trying to lose the same 10-15 that I've struggled with since...well, forever! I'm reading a really good book right now and so much of it is resonating with me. The Writing Diet by Julia Cameron. Since you are a writer anyway, this approach will feel pretty friendly (I know I find it pretty comfy)...see what you think.
    Keep on keepin' on, girl!

  53. Boy you've gotten a lot of advice. I'm gonna come back at lunchtime with a notebook and take me some notes!

    I don't want to add to what you have so I'll just add what I haven't seen in my brief peek at all this.

    1. Is it really what you're eating or when or how much? Write down everything you eat over three days and see where your problems are and fix it from there. My worst time, for example, is afternoons. I want to eat my shoes I'm so hungry. If there's a treat in the kitchen, I go there. If I make something I love, I TRY and freeze individual servings of stuff I love, like brownies, so I can't just grab it and go -it's actual work and I keep them small. Or I just don't make the stupid things. If you don't bring it in the house, you can't eat it, but your kids don't need to suffer either. I also like ice cream after the kids go to bed, but I've started using smaller cups rather than mixing bowls :)

    2.Only eat what you love. You don't really love Little Debbies, they're just available. Even if you eat diet food, be sure to eat some things you love too.

    3. Get distracted on some hobby or project when you want to eat, so you don't eat from boredom or stress. I eat for the wrong reasons!

    Finally, I hate diet food. I've found a few things I can eat and enjoy. Fat free bean dip is great on bread (wierd, I know). Grape propel satisfies my need for a sweet drink. I have a recipe for a versatile chili type snack in the sidebar of my blog. It's low calorie as most of it is beans and tomatoes, but you can add those frozen meat alternative bites instead of sausage (tastes the same to me). My whole family LOVES it, even my husband. It's great over rice for them or in a tortilla with rice and cheese (for the non-dieters). But it's great alone, so you don't feel cheated.

    Cereal is low fat but you are hungry two hours later so use it as a snack. Kashi's Honey Sunshine is like Captain Crunch and Strawberry flavored Cherrios taste like a grown up version of Captain CrunchBerries.

    Dieting is hard because we have to work at it rather than just eating what we have. Good luck. We're all working with you!

  54. K, I've had to lose weight 3 x in my life, once from prednisone (can you say crazy AND fat at the same time?) and twice from babies. I will fully admit that other than that I generally don't have this issue.

    1) figure out what your trigger is, mine was sugar, so I now use stevia in my coffee, etc...I also remember this before I reach for something sugary to snack...

    2)eat every 2-3 hrs....stop eating my kids' leftovers. Try to incorporate more protein into snacks. PB is a perfect companion to apples!

    3)you do too need to move. Whatever form you like best, but you need some form of exercise. Jillian Michaels will piss you off, but she's good. I love the Wii (boxing is sooooo fun!) Walking is excellent, and also, try to implement intervals (slow/fast/slow).

    4)It took me pretty much a year to lose all the weight all 3 times. I now am very comfortable at my pre-baby weight. The biggest difference is now I have the abs, but they are underneath my shar-pei skin. And I'm 37, so unless I want to go under the knife, it is what it is. Meh, I'm healthy, the kids are healthy......whatevs...

    You can do this! Oh, and make sure you have those coupons to go with your shopping trip!

  55. I think I'll be trying this. Whenever I am hungry and have no good right to be, I am going to strip in front of a mirror and jump up and down. THat'll end my hunger, I hope.

  56. I hate diet books (diets, too), but this one by cartoonist extraordinare Carol Lay is excellent - The Big Skinny. It's really not a diet book, but more of a diet graphic memoir.
    Totally entertaining, realistic, and useful.

  57. Just wanted to give you a little encouragement and a few tips. First of all, losing over 15 lbs in 2 months is awesome. But that rate is not sustainable. Think of it as a great kick-start to your new lifestyle of healthy eating. If you think of yourself as being on a "diet", then you will gain the weight back as soon as you go off. I have been on WW for about 10 months and lost a little over 20 lbs. (Not as stunning an achievement as some, but now I am within 10 lbs of my goal.) So here are just a couple tips for maintaining a healthier way of life:

    1) Do not deprive yourself, do not do anything too extreme. Just try to make the best possible choice every time you eat or drink anything. Educate yourself on the difference between different options (i.e. cream sauce v. tomato sauce). (I found out that the "healthy salad" I had been eating was as many points as I was supposed to have in a whole day!)

    2) Decide *how much* to eat based on your hunger or desire, not on the package/portion size. You don't have to eat the whole thing. Also you are not a garbage disposal, do not finish the kids' food just because you don't want to throw it out.)

    3) You don't have to "exercise" but try to be as active as you can. Walk or bike if at all possible instead of driving; take the stairs or walk up the escalator; go for a walk with your friend instead of sitting around snacking). Try to sneak some more activity into your day wherever you can. Dance around and play with your kids.

    4) If you decide to have a treat, savor and enjoy it. Don't just scarf down a bunch of chocolates. Really enjoy 1 or 2. Also, don't tell yourself you "deserve" some unhealthy treats. Find other ways to make yourself feel better if you need cheering up. You *deserve* to be healthy.

    Good luck!

  58. Remember being pregnant and not being able to fit between two chairs in a restaurant? I do. That moment is one I never want to live through unpregnant - I should be able to walk through a restaurant! And so should you.

    Let's resolve never to get that big unpregnant.

  59. 15 pounds is the same weight as 60 sticks of butter! This accomplishment is nothing to sneeze at.

    Love yourself, don't punish yourself! I have recently read "Women, Food, and God" by Geneen Roth, and there are a couple things in her book that have really stuck with me... I am ad-libbing -

    #1 Before you begin to stuff that spoonful of peanut butter with chocolate chips sprinkled on top into your mouth, ask yourself "Why am I eating right now?" Is it because you are hungry, or is it because your husband is late from work again and your children need baths since it's been 4 days since the last bath, and the dog has just eaten an entire bag of Hershey's Kisses. Give yourself 30 seconds to really understand why you want to eat- it's rarely about hunger for me.

    #2- If you are sneaking food, you shouldn't be eating it. I like to imagine a surveillance camera in my kitchen, Would I be pouring a whole bag of m&m's into my mouth if others were watching? No- that's why I end up in the pantry now... hmm, maybe I need to put up a camera in there too.

    I can be my worst enemy at times, and when I'm being really hard on myself, I think "Would I ever talk to anyone else like this?" Hell no, not even that bitch that made my 7th grade year a living hell. (I lie, I would kick her in the taco if I ever saw her again.) I digress... be your own best friend, and treat yourself like you would a queen. Much love to you!

  60. Reading this article really changed my thinking about losing weight. Ultimately, most any any diet will help you lose weight; resetting how you think is the real challenge.

  61. Lydia- If you haven't already read SIngle Dad Laughing's post about weight loss & being chained to the scale, you should. He's awesome and I love you even more for telling us about him!

    And the nursing student in me says Lisa from Canada has the best plan. :-) No fas- no cutting out carbs or cutting out anything in particular. Moderate portions and healthy grazing will do it. Plus, keep a diary of everything you eat.
    I think you're beautiful as is though. :-)

  62. Look up C25K (Couch to 5K). I lost 7 pounds in week one. Good Luck!

  63. I have a couple of things that help--my hubby and I buy the 98% fat free kettle korn, and pop at least a bag everyday for snacking. It's so low in calories, you can eat the whole thing without overdoing it. This works best when you need to trick your hands/brain into thinking it's actually eating, ya know?

    Also, we stock up on sugary cereal...Capt. Crunch, Reese's Peanut Butter cereal, Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Usually, a cup isn't very many calories, and it's so sweet it *sort of* feels like dessert.

    I also eat a lot of soup. And fat free hot dogs. It takes about 3 weeks to retrain my brain to like foods with TONS of preservatives and very little taste. But eventually the mind-control wins.

  64. Very important exercise tip: find something you will ENJOY doing. Walking with a friend? Maybe Mini-Mini-Me in a stroller for extra calorie burning? Tap class should be getting you some benefits ... I've tried (and loved) Belly Fit classes, Google it to see if there's an instructor near you. Pick something you will enjoy and you won't ever have to convince yourself to do it!

  65. Just a small tip, but a good one for me. Two words: Frozen Blueberries. When I head to the kitchen for a late night snack, I actually find myself heading the to the blueberries in the freezer because they taste like dessert. I pour some into a bowl, grab a spoon (so my fingers don't turn blue) and commence turning my mouth blue. They are SO GOOD! Really. Try that for a snack. Yum!

    Otherwise, I'm finding, as I go through this same thing, making small changes is helping. I just gave up sugary Coke/Pepsi four weeks ago. I forced myself to go three weeks without one (I usually had 1 to 3 a day). I did drink diet sometimes to help with caffiene headaches (I don't like coffee). I made it 3.5 weeks and then let myself have a bit. It's been a week since I tasted it and I'm still okay without it. And I've dropped about 2.5 pounds since I gave it up. Not a ton of weight, but that's the only thing I changed during that time, so it's nice to see it's helping.

  66. Eat more protein. You won't be hungry and you won't be dealing with the post sugar crash that makes you want to eat more. I do really well with South Beach so I stick with that, and it's amazing how quickly I can kick the sugar habit. My standbys are eggs and canadian bacon for breakfast, cheese sticks or a handful of nuts for snacks, lunch is kind of random, and protein and a veggie for dinner.

  67. 1) Sleep. As close to 8 hrs a night as you can possibly manage. It is the single most important thing for weight loss as being tired makes you nosh junk and not exercise. I swear, science has born this out.

    2) Get exercise whenever you can. 5 minutes or 10 minutes is infinitely better than none. Try jump roping- it's hard to do for more than 5 or 10 minutes, but cheap and easy to do almost anywhere.

    3) Eat real foods. Skip the diet low-cal, low-fat versions of things that are meant to have fat. I've done that, and eating 1/2 cup of real ice cream is truly more satisfying than a huge bowl of the low fat low sugar stuff. And then you won't eat a whole box of low-fat cardboard tasting cookies while you try to stop yourself from eating ice cream.

    When you eat real food and try to separate eating from non-related emotions (stress, anxiety, boredom) your body really tells you what it needs- you just may have to do a little translation ('I want candy/bread' sometimes just means you need sugar, translation: quick calories- try a piece of fruit and a handful of nuts and see if you still really want candy in 10-15 minutes).

    Also, people mentioned protein for breakfast- include a complex fiber as well, like in Kashi cereals or real oatmeal. It will keep you fuller longer, too.

  68. You may not like this one, but holy smokes does it ever work. I had a baby #3 at the end of June. At the beginning of September I was frustrated that I couldn't wear any of my pants so I decided to go for it. I quit wheat, sugar and dairy COMPLETELY. I went into serious sugar withdrawals for about a week, with the headaches, super-crabbiness, etc. but after that week passed I was fine. I was only going to do it for September but now I get no cravings anymore so I'm still eating like this and plan to keep on indefinitely. I've also noticed other things besides weight loss--my skin cleared up and I'm feeling super great. Oh, numbers: I was 150lbs on September 1st, this morning I weighed in at 138lbs. I should mention that I am also an exerciser though; I play hockey two nights a week and do bootcamp two nights a week, and I usually throw a run in at least once a week. However, I'd been exercising since the beginning of August and hadn't lost any weight until I changed my eating (which is why I changed my eating).
    Also, don't weigh yourself every day. It's mean. Don't be mean to you. Don't let the quality of your day be determined by the number on your scale. Once a week is plenty.

  69. Oh yeah, I forgot with the butternut squash soup recipe, you can seriously cut down on the butter and oil. They're only for softening the veggies, and they don't exactly need to be shallow-frying, the way they would be if the recipe were followed as written.

    You are so awesome! Keep it up! As for me, after tornado sirens early this morning, I'm skipping weigh-in and meeting (WW, yep, gotta pay someone to weigh me to make it real) in favor of conference prep (let's see if I can find three outfits that look like they kinda fit. Bring on the shapewear!). I'm going vegetarian for the conference and limiting alcohol. Hoping that keeps me in line.

  70. Once in a while to get over a few-day hump I do what I call the Hot Tamale diet. Here are the easy two-step instructions. 1. Buy lots of fat-free Hot Tamale candies. 2. Eat tons of them - so many they burn your tongue. Result: Nothing tastes very good anymore, at least for a day or two. Tastebuds? Stunned into inaction. Chocolate? Meh.

  71. Forget the lettuce and use fresh spinach. It is way better, but that is my opinion. Ice burg lettuce has nothing on spinach. Spinach could totally square-up on lettuce and it would win.

    Here's a site that explains spinach: (Yeah, I'm a little computer-Googling-nerd.)

    And one on the evil lettuce group:

  72. Going on a diet is like going to rehab, you have to WANT to quit doing what you are doing and eating the way you are eating. It's a commitment. Not saying you aren't allowed to indulge or fall off the wagon every now and again. I have struggled with weight loss myself for quite awhile and I have weeks or days where I'm super lazy. Like today, I broke into the halloween candy while the kids were napping, lol. I'm in my 20's and just had my 3rd child in June. I have always been overweight but not huge. I had insulin dependent gestational diabetes and topped out at 250 when I had her, the biggest I have EVER been. 4mos later I'm still fighting diabetes. I have lost 57lbs to date. One trick that helps me is eating a small salad before I eat a meal. Fills me up and I don't eat as much as I normally would. Dreamfields pasta is great! Low carb and tastes fantastic. Also eat, eat, eat. 6 times a day. Small meals. It will help your metabolism speed up and a bedtime snack is actually good for your blood sugar. Don't stress about the numbers on the scale, just weigh yourself weekly, not daily. Keep exercising. Get a pedometer and try to walk 10,000 steps a day. Avoid the premade diet meals like smart ones and lean cuisine. Read the labels. Those things are packed with carbs and sodium. I would try to limit yourself to around 30g of carbs a meal. That is still a decent amount. Try some new veggies you haven't tried. Try replacing mashed potatoes with mashed yuca one night. It's a great substitute! Good Luck! Just keep chugging along. You will get there. Sorry this is all a random jumble, it's 9 and all 3 of my very small children are still awake which means I have severe mommy brain that is causing me to ramble. lol.

  73. I think you should be able to see this since I follow you on FB but maybe this will help with some thinspiration....

  74. I developed a binge-eating problem in college due to stress and gained a bunch of weight. I managed to lose the weight after reading a book called "Feeding the Hungry Heart," in which the author had been heavy most of her life and didn't lose weight until she learned to (yes, this is hokey sounding) love herself and learn to view food as a source of nutrition and not as an emotional salve.

    Her guidelines were simple: Eat what you want. When you deprive yourself of what you want, you'll feel deprived and you'll end up eating it anyway, only in bigger amounts. Just make sure you eat only when you're hungry. If you have a craving, give yourself to eat that food WHEN YOU GET HUNGRY. Sometimes that craving will go away by the time you're hungry. If you're still craving it when you get hungry, go ahead and eat it but pay attention to your food (no distracted eating) and stop when you're full.

    Sounds pretty basic but it's worked well for me for years. I do struggle with a few extra pounds now and then, but I always manage to get back on the wagon after I've fallen off and I never feel deprived.

    And exercise wil alone won't help you lose weight, but it makes you feel good, and once you feel your muscles getting stronger and cardio/stamina increases, it's much easier to be motivated to eat healthily.

    Good luck, Lydia! I'm rooting for you!

  75. ok, There's a book in the UK called...wait for it!... "I can make you thin" and, apparently it works! I only read the first few pages and then got pregnant and its been 10 months since I gave birth and I have yet to pick it up again although its an easy read. I'm just too lazy! but it starts with saying something like open your fridge and anything that doesn't inspire you to eat throw it out!!
    The theory is that if you eat slowly and eat AS SOON as you feel hungry and stop if you suspect you might be starting to get full you will realize that you only need about half of what you usually eat. I dunno... it made sense! worth a try. I have a dress I bought that is so tight you could sketch a nude picture of me without me having to take it off. Every fold of every thing shows and I bought it... for way too much money and I have to loose weight to justify buying it! I was meant to wear it to a wedding in Oct and that didn't happen, there's a thing in Feb so fingers crossed and another wedding in May. If by may I don't fit in to it would anyone want a gorgeous black dress? lol




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