Wednesday, October 6, 2010

News! And More News!

We're busting open champagne over here. And we had to share!

First, we're on Huffington Post...again! We know there's a couple people out there who may not love the HuffPo, or the Hoff for that matter, but they're giving us an amazing opportunity and we have to love on them for that.

[Editor's Note: Wait. Are you saying that David Hasselhoff has his own on-line newspaper?  Because that's a blogging gig we need to get.  Make it so. With Haste. - Lydia]

Also, the more comments we get on it, the higher up the page we move. And last time, for like 25 minutes, WE WERE RIGHT NEXT TO STEPHEN COLBERT. That's right. It was us, him and dolphins.

And, we promise to answer EVERY comment. Lydia finally taught Kate how to log in and do that. [Really? An entire country lets you put on a television program but you don't know how to log into a website? Thank you England! Thank you BBC!  Loooove your hats. - Lydia]
Anyhow, please go comment, pretty please with t-boxes on top... Oh, but wait!

We have other news...tomorrow is our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of MommyLand. To commemorate, we made an epic film. In the Big White Tampon. Martin Scorsese is going to be calling us any minute because of our awesome use of pure cinema. What is that, you ask? Pure cinema, according to Wikipedia -  you know, the *experts* in everything -  is "made up of nonstory, noncharacter films that convey abstract emotional experiences through unique cinematic devices such as montage (the Kuleshov Effect), camera movement and camera angles, sound-visual relationships, super-impositions and other optical effects, and visual composition."

For us it just means we don't know how to hold Kate's iPhone still and we shot everything way too close. 

Here's a preview:

We'll have the full motion picture extravaganza tomorrow...with special appearances from Jay Z, Britney Spears...and Kate. Oh, and Lydia doesn't rock the whole time...for ten seconds, she totally Kuleshov Effects. And then we had to go wash our hands.

We need also to send a HHUUUGGGEEE shout out to the Pregnant Chicken.    Here it is:


She used her magical skills to make our MommyLand Schmidt Advisory image into pure awesomeness.  Amy, of "famed" Pregnant Chicken, we love you so much.  We wrote you a song yesterday but now that seems sort of creepy.  Can you forget we did that? 

Now off to the Huffington Post you go! Thank you so, SO much!

xoxo, Kate and Lydia

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