Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ouch: Funniest F**king Thing I Heard All Day

Kate: [on the phone with her friend] Oh, owww! You know when you take a ponytail out after it's been in your hair all day and suddenly your head hurts? I just did that.

Colleen: You know what else makes your head hurt?

Kate: [slams her hand on the table like she's on a game show and has to hit a buzzer before she can answer] Ice cream!

Colleen: No. When you're not watching where you're going and you walk into a wall face first. Yeah, that hurts for like two days.

Kate: [slams table again] OH! And chewing gum too long!

Colleen:  And you.

Kate: Huh?

Colleen: Seriously, the wall faceplant has nothing on you.

Kate: It was the ice cream comment, wasn't it?

Apparently Kate thinks every question is a potential game show. Specifically Family Feud.  Someday Lydia may slap her with a sandwich.

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  1. Is it bad that I don't get it? :P

  2. me either, but feel like once it's explained, i will feel even stupider :/

  3. I had to read it a couple of times to get it. Don't feel bad ladies, lol.

  4. I'm laughing so hard - MY head hurts!

  5. Lol - I've walked into walls before. It was totally Special. I also once accidentally kicked *myself* in the crotch. Try playing that one off!

  6. I got it. And loved it. Is it bad or good that I got it??

  7. Loved it... Definitely got it.... Not as much the Offspring, just have to think about the 'Badger Incident' and I get a headache...

  8. Yeah...I don't get it. Can someone plze explain it to me? Seriously...

  9. Kate and Colleen were talking about things that make your head hurt, and every time Kate had an answer, she slammed the table like a game show buzzer, so Colleen said Kate made her head hurt. And poor Kate, oblivious to being so annoying by slamming the table, asked if Colleen said that because of Kate's ice cream comment.

    At least that's what I got from it, and I thought it was funny. :)

  10. OK, so i reread this. It is MUCH easier when you don't have a 7 mo old crawling toward every cord visible under computer table and a 3 yr old talking non-stop. Totally did not see part about game show buzzer. I am actually sitting here thinking "Did they re-do this post?" lol

  11. OK, just for the record... I'm totally with Kate on this one. Who doesn't LOOOOVE this?!?!?


  12. What's truly bad is that I originally read it that she slammed her *head* down on the table like she was hitting a gameshow buzzer. Ouch!




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