Saturday, November 20, 2010

When I'm in a Band: Funniest F*cking Thing I Heard All Day

I was driving the big kids to church when I had the following conversation:

Thumbelina (age 7): “Mom, when I’m older and in a band do you know what I’m going to call it?”

Mom: “No sweetie, what?”

Thumbelina: (pauses for dramatic effect – then makes a sweeping hand gesture) "FIREBLADE.”

Mom: “That may be the most awesome thing I have ever heard.”

Thumbelina: ‘Yeah. I know. I love that name."  (whispers in awestruck voice) "FIREBLADE.”

Hawk (age 5): “When I’m in band when I’m older, do you know what I’m going to call it?”

Mom: “What?”

Hawk: “Go Yoda.”

Thumbelina: “I actually really like that.”

Mom: “I love it.”

Hawk: “It has a dot at the end. Like at the end of a sentence. Go Yoda.”

Mom: “That makes me like it more.”

Hawk: “And the band is only going to play songs about Yoda. I’m going to make up most of the songs but then we’re also going to sing other songs that aren’t supposed to be about Yoda but totally should be. And then people will hear them and be like WHOA – that song is totally about Yoda and I didn’t even know it.”
Mom: “Fantastic. Like what songs are you thinking of?”

Hawk: “We are the Champions” and other awesome songs like that.

Mom: (pauses to let this idea sink in) “I think you’re both going to be rock stars.”

Hawk and Thumbelina look at each other and shrug.

Hawk: “Duh.”

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