Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cleared for Take-Off...Oh, Never Mind. Or, Yes Now. What?

So, I'm not going to blubber and whine all over the place, but this is the conversation I had with McLovin Friday night. In the dark. At ten forty-seven at night.

McLovin: So all this past week, I've been told I have to leave on Sunday - this Sunday [Editor's Note: Which was yesterday...super. -Kate] for Afghanistan
Kate: [scrunching further into her pillow, Phil] That's great. What?
McLovin: I was supposed to leave for Afghanistan on Sunday.
Kate: How are you telling me this now?
McLovin: Well, they said be prepared. And I didn't want to get you or the children all wound up again, so I waited. And then this morning, I got the e-mail that said I had country clearance. So I was picking up the phone to call you and then my boss came in and said, 'Never mind. They have all this stuff happening and don't need you to get on a plane on Sunday.' Anyway, I knew something would come up, so I didn't tell you. Well, until now.
Kate: Are you f**king kidding me? So, if you HAD had to go, it would be in like 24 hours?
McLovin: Well, yeah. But I didn't have to go, see? So I didn't get you wound up for nothing.

Then I turned on the lights. Mostly because I was pissed. And, hello? WOUND UP!

Kate: So, your brilliant plan was to tell me on Friday morning that you were leaving on Sunday morning?
McLovin: Ummmm....yes.
Kate: Because...?
McLovin: Because I didn't need to tell you and get you upset if I wasn't going to go, which I'm not. So now it's good. See?
Kate: [thisclose to punching her husband, and wishing it was still dark so he wouldn't expect it] It's super, baby. That's an awesome plan.

Am I missing something here? I know I turn into Crazy McWhiner when he's planning on going and all...but seriously? His master plan to rescue Crazy Kate is to turn her into Oblivious Kate? And then drop "ohheybytheway,I'mgoingtoAfghanistan..." seventeen minutes before the cab arrives.

He was off with Happy on Saturday and called me. As soon as I saw his number on the caller ID, all I could think was, "great, this is the call...he's leaving tomorrow...or now. Or, he's already on the plane and I need to come get an insane 4-year old at the airport."

They were just planning on going for lunch.

Two days later, I've turned into a whacked out version of Pavolv's Dog, freaking out every time my phone plays his ringtone. We know it's just a matter of when; I just didn't know the when could be NOW. Or, now. Or now or now or now.

McLovin spent the 47 years before me making the world a better place. Safer. Doing things no one else on earth would want to do. Funny thing is, he wants to do them. That man went into Sarajevo, Bosnia, Rwanda and every other place that was so awful it sent everyone else running away. It's what makes him wonderful and amazing and when the world has peace in places that never had peace, he's part of the reason.

And I'll I know now that I didn't know on Friday is that he's saving us from fretting for days, so we can slam all that horrible feeling into hours instead. I promise I won't tell you when he goes; I know there's so many of you out there who sleep on half of the bed waiting for your other half to come home. You don't need to know the comings and goings of my other half.

But I do have one request:

He's asleep now. In our room. I don't know for how many days. But for now, the phone isn't ringing, which means he's not going anywhere right now. And that's enough...I hope.

And to our veterans out there -- thank you for your sacrifice. On this day, and the other 364 that we don't mention you by name, you - and your families - are in our thoughts, our prayers, and our hearts.

with love and gratitude, Kate & Lydia

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