Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dancing to the Beat of our Hearts - and Jay Z

As many of you know, Kate and I are pretty much semi-professional tap dancers.  This is a recent development since we just started classes in September and technically, our lessons are over.  We're now letting our talent be our guide.  And Lydia's vast library of hip hop, which serves as our rehearsal soundtrack.

When we're practicing and getting even more awesome at our dancing - we say things to each other all the time like:

"Look, spaghetti arms. This is my dance space. This is your dance space. I don't go into yours, you don't go into mine. You gotta hold the frame. "

So imagine our excitement and joy when Amy sent us the new "Vote for Kate & Lydia" button.  LOOKY!

Vote here (but only if you feel like it).  And thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

xo, Kate  & Lydia
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