Friday, November 12, 2010

The Lexicon of Tomato Green Minds

One thing that is awesome about Rants from MommyLand is the fact that so often, the comments are funnier than the actual posts.  We know what that says about us.  We thought we would ask you to contribute to the development of a new sort of dictionary (you know how we love our made-up words).  This dictionary is called "The Lexicon of Green Tomato Minds" and represents the words our children make up or get wrong and how these words are used. 

The Cap'n calls says our kids have "green tomato minds" because they're not ripe yet.  They have excellent brains, but they need to ripen in order to work properly.  If you need evidence of that, you can read some of the questions we're forced to ask them.  If you have children, you probably understand this very well already.  Though if I am any example of a red tomato mind... it may be time to make salsa.  Or ketchup.

Some examples for the lexicon:

Tardalard (noun): What you wear to gymnastics or ballet class.

Ho 'N' Tell (noun): Where you stay overnight when you go to your uncle's wedding.  Also, there's a lot of them by the beach near Grandma's house in Florida.

Pizzame (verb): What you yell at people when you're really mad.  When you yell this at someone, you're asking them if they want to fight.  Example: "OH YEAH?! YOU WANNA PIZZAME? CAUSE I'M RIGHT HERE!"  Also heard on the Jersey Shore.

Pussy (proper name): The green train engine who lives with Thomas on Sodor Island. I like to tell everyone I meet how much I love this.  Especially strangers in public places while using my outside voice.

Poopbrush (noun): The giant toothbrush looking thing that Mommy uses to clean out the potty.

Stomach Egg (noun): When your stomach really hurts, it's because of the stomach egg you have.

Man, Sure (noun): A man from France (and when you say this, you are speaking French, which is oh so fancy).

Condiments (noun): There are seven of them and we live on the one called North America.

Hey Dick (noun): When you bonk your head and it really hurts and you have to lie down, you have a hey dick.

Soil Milk (noun): It's milk that comes from dirt and not from cows and that's why you have to buy the vanilla kind or it tastes gross.

Sour Crap (noun): It's crap that they make sour in a factory and then grown-ups eat it on hot dogs and bratwurst.

We've lost more of these little terms and expressions in The Blur than we can ever remember, so we hope you can help us fill in some of the blanks. If you want to add your own awesomeness to this list, we'll be updating it all day.   If have you want to add a couple - email us at

xo, Kate & Lydia

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  1. My sister bought the kids a bag of Malt O'Meal brand Lucky Charms, called Marshmallow Mateys. My kids keep asking me if they can have some "marshmallow maybes."

  2. ROFL!!! Soil milk! Oh you have no idea how funny that is for me, living here in China! Did you know you can get green soil milk and red soil milk and black soil milk too?

    Oh, my face is wet with tears of laughter...

  3. Hoptercopter (noun): otherwise known as a helicopter.

  4. buffter lies.... silly old duffers or pretty little things that fly around.....

  5. LOVE this post!
    We used to eat "Milky-aways" candy bars, I guess b/c they take Mommy away from the chaos for a moment. My son used to love to go to "Hamburger King" to get hamburgers, naturally, and although it wasn't a favorite place to go when the little tyke would say it, we'd go!

  6. Cheezah: Cheese pizza.
    Gabiolis: Little Italian purses of pasta covered meat or cheese made by Daddy. When Mommy makes them they are called raviolis. Not quite sure what the difference is.
    I lub you: Said when the speaker wants something from you.
    Bapes: Vine growing orbs that can be squeezed to make juice boxes and t-boxes.

  7. It's not exactly a definition, but my daughter calls anything round and green "peas" (grapes, peas, green apples, etc...) and anything small and black "beans" (raisins, chocolate chips, etc..)

  8. "Daunserly Light."
    A light with an early-morning quality. As heard in the National Anthem.
    "Oh say have you seen, in the daunserly light."

    "End's Meat"
    The leftover bits of sandwich meat your mom puts on your sandwich at the end of the week.
    As in, "Well, we're trying to make End's Meat, so we have to reduce our spending."

  9. A pinkink is, of course, a picnic. A kiss from Mama is a green kiss. A mo-mo is a lawn mower, a cuck is a truck; therefore a "mo-mo cuck" is a fire truck. A bus is always a "bus".See? Hadley

  10. My daughter always called bulldozers, "Bulldrivers"........She's almost seven and I think we're moving past it.

  11. "Evapuation"--The piece of paper my daughter's 3rd grade teacher sends home at the end of each week showing how well she did or did not do in class. Otherwise known as an "evaluation".

  12. "Mow-lawner"....that gas powered thingy used to, ummmm well, mow a lawn. Pretty self explanatory.

    "Calepittar"....fuzzy little wormy-like insects that turn into butterflies.

    Gotta love kids!

  13. My kids cannot get Marshmellows and Mushrooms straight... You think they would because they like one and not the other. But after a heavy rain we always see Marshmellows in the lawn and when we want a snack we would like Mushrooms with our raisins...

    Mrs. Glasses' cookies = Molasses cookies; my kids love these however when they ask for them from anyone else but me they get a blank stare... maybe it is because we don't know a Mrs. Glasses.

  14. My son brought me a box of Nerds from his Halloween candy and said, "I have deese lima beans?" Sure kid. Lima beans.

  15. Two Noses = Tulips. Because you put your nose up to it to smell it, not your lips.

    Somehow, "tip toe, through the two noses" doesn't have the same melodic quality...

  16. We were going on vacation to the beach recently, and my daughter asked if were were going to stay in a hotel or a condom. WHAT DID YOU SAY? "A condom, Mama, you know like a house." Oh, a condominium.

  17. "tuck me up" - this is what we are asked to do @ bedtime

  18. Shut- The messy stuff inside a tomato. "Mom, there is a lot of shut inside this tomato, I got shut all over me."

  19. I used to teach preschool and had some really cute ones...
    "Fruit Cottontail" = Fruit cocktail
    "Pail nolish" = nail polish

    I had a little girl that always wanted me to put up her "neighborhood", meaning the hood of her coat...

    I know there were tons more...

  20. "ips" - as in: I want a kiss on the "ips"...this is from when my DS couldn't say the "L" so he always said "ips" instead.
    "Uelcome" - AKA:Your Welcome...he is 6 now and still says it that way.
    "pockels" - AKA: popsicles

  21. The man who came to trim our trees was the Worker Man. "Hi Worker Man! How are you Worker Man? Bye Worker Man!"

  22. Cheetas- crunchy cheesy unnaturally orange treats that come in a bag
    Whippersnap Peas- Green veggie pods with sweet peas inside
    Brefixt- first meal of the day
    Black Eyed Beans: Artist that performs "I Got a Feelin"
    There are so many more, why can't my brain remember?!

  23. Around here we have:

    pillow sheet: (n) the fabric covering you put on your pillow so you don't get drool all over it

    munkin: (n) the papery thing you're supposed to wipe your hands and mouth with instead of your shirt

    snack fruits: (n) um, fruit snacks

    zucchini: (n) the two piece bathing suit that 6 year olds wear

    moke: (n) the thing that magically makes spongebob stop

    plolow: (n) the soft thing covered in the pillow sheet

  24. My two year old calls socks cocks. Stockings are big cocks. Awesome. Should be a fun holiday season.

  25. Bathtism AKA Baptism Pretty self explanatory though I was laughing so hard hearing my eight year old ask me when we were going to do her baby brother's.

  26. When my son orders a hamburger, he wants it with ham, cheese and ketchup. It's so cute that I don't have the heart to tell him that a hamburger is not made from ham!

  27. My daughter used to say "damnation puppy" instead of dalmation puppy.

  28. Here, a hog gog is a great breakfast lunch or dinner (hot dog), there's beck-fest, which is not a festival celebrating Beck (beer or singer, take your pick) but what we eat when we wake mama up at 5:34. She loves to be worn on my back in her "packy" (baby carrier) and any time she'd like me to accompany her, it's "NOWCOMING!"
    Completely un-related, but this week at dinner with her grandparents she couldn't get a shape sorter toy to work, so she kept saying "Not working now" which to their ears was "I'm working here" - completely hilarious to them. I didn't have the heart to correct them.

  29. Oh let's see. My 5 yo son loves to name cars, but instead of Rendezvous he says Davey Ronda.

    One night, my husband and I were following each other home, the kids were in my car with me. We were 'racing' and Daddy beat us home. The next day in the checkout line at WalMart my then 4yo daughter said "Remember last night when Daddy beat us?"

    And finally, again in the checkout line, right next to a display of farm-animal shaped lolipops, my children so sweetly informed me that a rooster is also called a cock. Unfortunately, it wasn't nearly as clear as that. Both my children, 7 and 5, said in perfect unison, "Look Mom! A cock sucker!"

    Game over, I win. Or lose, same difference.

  30. nuggles - snuggles

    crocagator - usually known as the escalator

  31. the "Miracle Round" - as in a carousel.

    "glow up" - as in using explosives to "glow up" something.

    I love this post!

  32. "Javacruisee"; noun, pronounced: (Ja va cruise E); A garden tub

    My oldest son said, "Let's all get in the Javacruisee. You, me, Daddy, uncle, grandpa, and my brother!"

    I almost fainted with that one.

  33. My daughter used to like the cartoon character, Scrungebob Squirtpants.

    When she walks too fast after eating she gets a crank in her side.

  34. Fifi - (noun) A moth.

    Poop Tail - (adjective) What you get when you have an accident in your pants.

    Joeys - (noun) Ants.

    Poopalee Dot - Something to sing over and over as you wait for your Mother to get off the phone.

  35. One of my favorites--"junamas"=pajamas.

    Also, my oldest, at two, pronounced the letter S as F instead. I tried so hard to avoid taking him to the grocery store, because he would point in the general direction of the candy (and also the person checking out in front of us) and ask loudly for a sucker.

  36. the worst ~ Fred's parents got "the worst". Took me a while to figure out that my seven year old meant divorced. Kinda the same, actually.

    dobozer ~ bulldozer

  37. Planstaculous - adj. An organic fusion of "fabulous" and "spectactular," to be used when either word on it's own just isn't enough.

    Ass cream - noun. It's what you get at the DQ when you are visiting friends in Kentucky.

    Day-go - aka DIEGO, of Go Diego Go. It is especially awesome to sing the theme song, which repeats the name over and over, at the top of your lungs in public places.

  38. Upper-rupping (verb). As in "You are upper-rupping me." My 3 yr old daughter is very fond of telling that I am upper-rupping her as she is telling me a story if I stop her to ask a question.

  39. Our little girl is three, and for the longest time she called sunglasses her "sassies". And her toothbrush was a "chee chee", I guess because of the sound we made when we brushed? But our favorite, which she has still not grown completely out of, is that she calls triangles "tri-a-giggles". These are all great!

  40. I think you guys would like this book:

    Different concept than TLGTM, but it looks like something you two would come up with!

  41. hip hops: foot coverings frequently worn in the summer time that 1-3 year olds love but can' wear without wiping out.

    shoopeez: said when a 1 year old needs assistance

    callepitar: I have to admit, this was my long time mispronunciation. I still have to think about it before I say it!

  42. I still tell my children to put on their "baby soup" (bathing suit) so we can go swimming. We all must have a genetic speech impediment because all of my children started out calling animals, aminals and theater, thetears.

  43. @beth1602 -- That made me actually laugh out loud. Have a fun Christmas.

  44. Re-dickleous, as in my 5 five year old talking to her little sister, "Oh Chloe, don't be re-dickleous!"

  45. Freeridgerator--Refrigerator

    Blow a Wish--Make a wish and blow out the candles

    Apple Crips--Apple Crisp (or possibly a street gang as portrayed on Veggie Tales)

  46. My 7 year old has long stopped but I still ask for a burger with checkup only in the McD's drive-through. If I had been writing these down the last 7 years I could have a book. Checkup is all that made it through the fog.

  47. My 19-month-old daughter points to our dog and in an authoritative voice yells "SHIT! SHIT!" Fortunately, the dog just smiles at me.

  48. Dooloop -- what you wear when you go swimming

  49. My daughter thought a grilled cheese sandwich was a girl cheese sandwich until she was 5 or 6 when she offered her brother a boy cheese sandwich and I corrected her. Dumb mom, never take away their cuteness:)

  50. Mine used to call snow "Not" I can only surmise that snow was too close to "no". "Mommy, we want to go play in the "Not"

  51. Big Girl Cheese - yummy melted cheese inside fried bread. But to be perfectly correct, you must enunciate "BIG". Because she's not a baby.

    Tickled - as in "I don't want to play football because I might fall down after I get tickled".

    Pumpkin Donuts - Best coffee place ever. Also home of breakfast sandwiches and Munchkins (and you know she can say that last one clearly).

  52. Ohhh!! Just remembered one. My friends' youngest daughter (6th grade I think) asked if she and mom could go to get "pedophiles" She meant pedicures.

  53. When my son was about 3 he was totally into Thomas the Tank Engine and he could not say Percy and called him Pussy instead, just like in the post. On Thanksgiving when the WHOLE family was gathering to sit down to eat, my son comes down the stairs crying "Mommy, I can't find my pussy!" Everyone turned and looked at me then my husband just bust out laughing and so did the rest of us!

  54. Kitmazines-known my mom as the penguin pushing TV dinners, Kid Cuisines.

  55. "gassy ass" means thank you in spainish.

  56. In our house, for the last 22 years, anything that happened the day before, happened lasterday... really makes more sense!

  57. Ahh, I forgot "neckin" for the napkin a baby wears around his or her neck (bib) and "hay-berries" for strawberries. Really. Also "gayba-gayba," a cross between Gabriel (my son) and Yo Gabba Gabba. Oh, and "pock-see-yo" for popsicle.

  58. When my niece was little, she referred to anything chocolate as "Cock." So here's my SIL was hugely pregnant with my nephew (my niece was 2) in the middle of Target and niece starts screaming at the top of her lungs, "I want COCK, I want COCK, Give me COCK." SIL didn't even try to hush her - she merely sat down in the middle of the aisle and started laughing...she figured she made all the other customers day...

  59. I teach kindergarten, and remember quizzing a little boy on the letters. When I showed him "N" he said, "That's easy- MEN." I said, "There is no letter MEN." He said, "Oh yes there is. L, M, MEN, O, P!"

  60. Oh this cracked me up this morning!

    One day I was playing with my 2 year old and she said "My horse is pissing". I looked at her in shock and then realized she meant "My horse is missing." Yeah that was one awesome moment!

  61. thought you would appreciate this story....t-box survives dog attack....
    Also my little ones call dandelions...daisy-lions which I always thought was a much nicer name for a weed. And Rottweilers are called Rotten-weilers, especially the one that went after our lab!

  62. Mowlawner (noun) = the thing you ride on to cut the grass
    Yogret (noun) = the stuff mom eats from the container
    and my favorite...
    "Suck me Blue" (phrase) = what the French candlestick says in Beauty and the Beast

  63. When my now 14 y.o. son was little the remote control was called the commote.

  64. baby wash= baby shower
    dumb f**k= dump truck (Best when yelled out in public: Mommy, look at that big dumb f**k!!)
    Chunky Jesus= Chuck E Cheese
    alligator= elevator

  65. When my son (4 yo) is faking being hurt, I'll say "you little faker", and he'll say "I'm not a f***er".

    McDonald's is McNonald's and penis is "peanut". Vagina is "V-jay" :)

  66. My young sons, about 3 and 5 at the time, said the neighbor child has "missel fleas" and couldn't come out to play for a week. I grilled and grilled them to figure out what Missel fleas were. Some type of rabid flea? Ends up it is the Measles.

  67. For years and years, my little cousin called milk Super Ten. Because in their house, mommy drank Skim Milk and the kids drank Super Ten (2%)

  68. My daughter will say "Peace easy home gnome", and also calls her Daddy's mustache a Kitty!

  69. Alligator: "Mom can we ride on the alligator at the Mall" aka "escalator".

  70. I love are a few more:

    "Bones Have a Seat" = bon apetit
    "two meats" = two hamburger patties
    "Man Barbie" = Ken

  71. My favorite was from before ours was one. She wanted so badly to talk that she said "I uh U!!!" With strong emphasis on each syllable, for clarity, I guess? I occasionally tell her I love her that way because it makes me smile.
    Bahwah was grandma for a while, and then at the prompting of my family, just to tick me off, she'd call me Bah and laugh and laugh. I did not.

    I wish I had more, but she was a crazy perfectionist who wanted to say things just like us...SIGH, she still is.

  72. My 3 yr old is also a fan of "Pussy". He announced at his birthday party in April to our friends that "I just loooooove Pussy". When he was 2 (he was a late talker) my sister gave him a hot chocolate and he says "mmmmm, wishious hot cockit". Crafts are "craps" and girls are "grills". There are more but these are my faves.

  73. My son wanted Frosted Flakes for breakfast, so he asked if he could have some "snowflakes".

  74. "Uncuse me" - what you say after you burp.

    "Ac-shee" - when you are changing your mind, as in, "Ac-shee, I DO think I want to go outside."

    "Fider" - an arachnid

  75. My 4yo, in the grocery store as we're perusing the veggies, said as loudly as possible since that is the only volume he has: "Mommy get some porn! I love porn! Porn is my favite (favorite)!!" Of course we had 'porn' on the cob for dinner that night. Who could refuse?

    My now 15yo at the ripe age of 3, middle of Target, busy shopping day, yelled of course for full effect: "Mommy wait up for me, I have a penis wedgie!" And you though a regular wedgie was uncomfortable.

  76. OMG, I was just gonna post about pussy being the green train from Thomas!! Of course my then 2 yr old had to scream it in a restaurant.

    Mowlawner- the device used to mow the grass

    Wimper-wiper- the 2 things attached to the front of your car that cleans the windshield

    Pupils- the round things on your chest

    Pimples- the black part of your eye

    Nipples- the bumps you get on your face when you're a teenager

    Froggy Frog- the misty stuff on the ground in the morning


  77. My son, now 7, used to eat "brepsas" in the morning instead of breakfast. And when he gets hurt, he wants a "bambaid." Helicopters were "hotcopters." And he still says "smoove" instead of smooth. So cute!

  78. My oldest used to call Home Depot the Ho Depot - we started shopping at Lowes for a while ;)
    From my younger ones:
    damn crackers = graham crackers
    I farted = I fell (my youngest can't say the L sound and insists that everything past tense ends in "ed")
    yarm = warm (I don't know why because she can say the W sound perfectly in other words)

  79. Catapitter-also known as a caterpillar. lol, unfortunately, my four year old has outgrown the pronunciation. :( It was so cute the way she would say it, and she was convinced she was correct.

  80. Oh, I forgot...

    Fer-fridger- refrigerator

    Then that developed into:

    Fridger-fridger- AKA refrigerator

  81. My six year old refused to use the same plate for her pancakes as her brother had used for his waffles. I figured so just has some syrup on it, which you will put on your pancakes anyway. Her reply: "Yes, but mummy, it may also have some of his salarva on it" Now, is salarva spit with maggots, or what?

  82. My 13 month old walks around following the cats all day telling them to "shit shit!" We reaaallly hope he means sit.

  83. - Makini (noun) two piece swim suite
    - Valina (noun) like the ice cream flavor
    - Our Chother as in "lets play with our chother)
    - Bututtay: butterfly
    - Some Prize: surprise

  84. My daughter used to ask to "huggle," which we assumed was somewhere between a hug and snuggle. I was so sad when she quit saying it.

  85. I was the source of much of this type of humor growing up, but my kidlet seems to enunciate clearly.

    Dureem Mount Duljabar: (proper noun) the basketball player formerly known as Lou Alcinder (Kareem Abdul Jabar)

    Gakas: noun glasses as in "gramma's gakas"

    Sacarf: noun, scarf

    and much before the dawn of Starbucks, read in a loud voice from the back of the family car "Look we're near San Juan Cappucino" (San Juan Capistrano)

    My nephew has always been a really picky eater, and when he was little had a complete meltdown over the idea of eating a CATROLE (casserole). There was no way he was going to eat a cat.

  86. Each time my three year old sneezes he tells us "I bless you'd"

  87. My 2 year old calls butterflies "pretty flies" and had a pretty fly cake for her birthday.

  88. Lol! My son says "Pussy" too...but the first time he said it was when I asked what he did with the babysitter! He said "I watch a Pussy a Ashlianne!" I almost had a heart attack...until he said "Pussy and Thomas a tv!" Phew!
    Other words:
    Coocotter (n): an aircraft that is supported in the air by one or more rotors revolving horizontally. As in " mom mom mom mom look mom look look look a coocotter!!! Looooook!!!!!"
    Soocycle (n): a 2-wheeled automotive vehicle.
    Refexkin (n): the face you see staring back at you in the mirror or the patch of light on the ceiling bent off of a CD or equally shining surface.
    Chuh tin (n): a show on the Disney channel that follows three engines in training.
    Doodaid (n): a strip of material used to dress wounds. As in "owies! A booboo! I wan a doodaid!"

  89. My niece was full of these, my son is just starting to talk so we haven't encountered many from him.

    Penis- the smallest denomination within our currency system.

    due piss- a two-unit apartment building or condominium

    Butt F*ck- the crack in a butt

    She sounded like the worst potty mouth kiddo on the planet.

  90. My daughter was confused by one set of grandparents being grandma and papa and the other being grandmommy and granddaddy so she would call my husband's parents grandma-mommy and grandma-daddy. She pronounced most everything else very clearly. It didn't sound all that strange for my mother-in-law, but my father-in-law got a few looks while out in public as if people were expecting to turn and see Mrs. Doubtfire standing there.

  91. Titty: A furry animal with whiskers and a long tail that's great for pulling (kitty)

  92. I cannot stop laughing at "Chunky Jesus"

    Here are mine:
    "Jew-Cuzzy"-: the giant bathtub that makes bubbles
    "Creamy Weeps": hot breakfast cereal (cream of wheat)
    "Minions": the small sized candies you get at Halloween
    "Samazars": Gramma's last name, as in "Gramma's last name is same-as-ours?"

  93. "Glittery" - A term to describe the concreteness of an action. i.e.: "I LITERALLY cannot do that honey" response: "Hmph! I think you GLITTERY can!"
    -respectfully submitted,

  94. ice pickles= icicles
    dick washer= dishwasher
    dick appear= disappear
    diarrhea= diary
    stuffies= stuffed animal
    tinkle tinkle little star= twinkle twinkle little star
    Papa Peep= my dad, Papa Pete

  95. Oooh, totally forgot a few.

    Elbows, and later bubbles= breasts
    Girl Pimples= nipples
    Batteries= testicles

  96. One year for Christmas my mom didn't have enough room on the gift tag to write from Grandma and Grandpa, so she wrote from G-ma and G-pa. My now 18 year old son still calls them that. :)

  97. My 7 year old calls the Wii remotes "wii coordinates". It cracks my husband and I up and we've never been able to figure out where he got that from.

  98. My daughter used to say: Lick Swip for lipstick and "lickamore" for Sycamore" but the best I have ever heard: The proper name for your bottom- a butt hawk! I almost fell over when I heard it..

  99. brefkist. this was our morning meal and i never corrected them...i think it may still pop out that way--and mine are 11 and 12! it was too cute to stop. my son will still mispronounce things on purpose ( he is being educated!) and he says he just likes them better his way.

  100. My 2 year old loves "washmouth" because it gives her "new breath"

  101. Holp - verb. 1. To assist someone with something 2. When you think you are helping, but you are actually doing very much the opposite.

  102. snotcorn- noun- the collection of mucus in the back of your nose that makes a sound like popcorn popping when you breathe through your nose, but won't come out when you blow.

  103. These are great!
    My (then 2 year old) daughter told me that she wanted 'sh'door da dar dee dee' for lunch. I aked her several more times and kept getting the same answer. Finally I said: ' we HAVE that?' And she vigorously nodded her head in the affirmative. 'Can you show me where it is?' Another 'yes'. She led me to the kitchen and pointed to the ravioli. The CHEF BOYARDEE ravioli. You know Chef Boyardee...aka Sh'door da dar dee dee

  104. hmm where do I begin?

    One day I told him he was adorable, he looked at me, pretty upset might I add and put me in my place. Mom, I'm NOT a door bell! He totally had the look of, why do you keep calling me names!

    We like to play Mario and I cant convince him it Lava, not Yoke. I have no idea why he calls it that??? Bowser lives in the fiery yoke death!

    It took me months to figure out what a fruit ball is. I was thinking an orange? Now I think is football for gay people but my catholic MIL begs to differ.

    That's all I can remember at the moment, but I'm pretty sure that if i browsed my facebook page Id have a good documentary for ya!

  105. Karen says: LOL! Courtesy of my 2-yr-old, we have:

    "Headband" = band-aid. As in,"I got a boo boo. I need a headband on it."

    We sing the "Ippy Bippy Pider"
    And put syrup on our "wafoos"

    "Be Seens" = green beans
    "Begagas" (BEE-guh-guhs) = bananas
    "Go-go" = yogurt
    Her toothbrush = "brushteeth"
    "I haffa go pee pee" = either: I'm bored with being in the highchair, and/or just pooped in the diaper
    "Got pee comin'!" = Actually do need to go pee

  106. "Disturding"-when something is bothering you

    "Coopies Stew" or "Booby Scoo"-a lovable animated mystery solving dog

    "G.I.O's"-military action figures

    "Steakin' Out"-cooking your food outside on a grill

    "Eye Crease"-frozen dairy dessert

    "Injured"-a martial arts expert

    "Deprestated"-a feeling of disappointment

    "Wii-mote"-the remote used for Wii

    "Goose eggs"-bumps on your skin when you are cold

    "Amorous Porn"-The name of the red & blue transformer

  107. "Dinderella": The thing you use to protect yourself from rain.
    "Handy Captain": Describes what the parking spot closest to the store,(used by disabled people) is called.
    Kids are great.

  108. "pineucorn" (noun)=a small animal with quills (commonly called a porcupine by those of us with red tomato minds)

  109. "Panty butter" - As in, "Mom? Do I HAVE to have a panty butter and jelly sandwich?" (courtesy of my sister, when she was three).

    "Jalyah" (juh-LIE-uh) - My three year old son's version of what girls have that boys don't.

  110. For lunch time entertainment today, my two-year-old said, "Let's watch Japanese".

    Japanese: (noun) A trivia show hosted by Alex Trebek.

    Baby Jesus: (noun) small servings of a processed dairy product (baby cheeses). Thank the ABC show "Modern Family" for that one.

  111. Such great words! My stepdaughter would make great ones up as a kid too. My favorite of all time, though, is "the show-mer". As in, when we'd play pretend shows, be it puppets, or singing on stage, somebody had to be the master of ceremonies...the M.C....or in my stepdaughter's words, "the show-mer". Also can be used to describe the ring-master of a circus. Two of her favorite dolls were a bride and groom set of Madame Alexander dolls, who she lovingly called "the Show-mer and his wife Alice." LOVE my kiddo! :-)

  112. Mariwanda - what my daughter named her imaginary friend after hearing a piece on the radio about prop 19. Unfortunately she decided to start talking to her friend in the A&P.

  113. Just thought of another!

    Haircut- my daughter came to me and said, "Mommy, I got a hair cut." I totally freaked until I realized she meant a "scrape"- just a small cut on her finger. She's 3 and still calls it a "haircut".

  114. Don't know if these would count, because I heard them from some folks with intellectual disabilities long ago when I was advocating for some clients. But, they've definitely worked their way into the lexicon chez nous!

    Commote (the remote control for whatever electronic device)
    B-nnoyed (as in "I am more than A-nnoyed with you when you keep losing the commote because you're trying to keep the tv on the cartoon channel."

  115. Frusterated, expressed usually when angry at mom, ie- "you're just making me very frusterated"

  116. My entire class of 2nd grade ESL students uses this term.

    Hanitizer-the gel used to kill germs on your hands...

  117. pelax (verb)-What you do on the couch after a hard day.
    Squnk- (noun)-A fuzzy black and white animal with an offensive odor.

  118. "Crap" = beach-dwelling crustacean that can be found at low tide by looking under rocks. DUH, mom. "CRAP at the BEACH", not in the house as you so bizarrely seem to think.

  119. When my son was about 21 months old and nursing, my husband would walk by and ask him, "Are you getting your antibodies?" The baby would say "Babybodies?" We just loved to hear him say "babybodies". He also liked to be wrapped up in a blanket, making him a "baby bweetow".

  120. when my son sits with his legs crossed for long time he says he gets "sprinkles" in his feet which I think he means his legs are numb :)

  121. I took my 3 1/2 year old son shopping at Kohl's on a rainy Saturday. As we passed the lingerie he announced loudly, "Look Mommy! Boob-holders!"

  122. @ Penny: cock sucker! Bwahahahahaha! I think I just peed a little.

  123. "grabbity" (noun) - the force that causes things to fall to the ground. Yep. My son actually *corrected* my pronunciation and refused to believe he was in the wrong. I had to show him in the dictionary. ...But I like his better.

    "tauntaun soup" (noun) - the soup with dumplings that you order at a Chinese restaurant. Daddy (the Star Wars geek) was so enchanted with this one, I'm pretty sure he nearly bought our daughter a pony.

  124. We did Chunky Jesus too. My husband thinks this should be the name of a band. Nickles = nipples, Pounding Meat = chicken fried steak ('cause you pound it with the special hammer) and care of my cousin (long grown now) Cherry Antelope = Cherry Mousse.

  125. Eye tacks = contact lenses
    Cow = Mousse
    Niblets = nipples
    Hearing Eggs = Hearing Aids
    Cheese han-ge-bur = Cheeseburger

  126. Nal-Nart- big store that Papa likes to shop at.

    Ceam-eye which is ice cream.

    When my oldest was little he said wanted shakes at BK and at the drive thru would chant "Sh*t, Sh*t, Sh*t.

  127. Catterpiggles - those crawly things that turn into putterfries.

  128. I know I am late to this post, but thought I'd share a few anyway...

    My daughter always wanted to ride in a "convertical" and doesn't like the sound of the loud "lawn mowercycle."

  129. When my 3 year old son's hands are cold he asks for his "muffins".

    He also wears a "seatbelt" to hold up his pants.

    His favorite dinosaur is a Broccoli-asaurus.

    Coconuts are the inside toe over seams in socks.

  130. My two year old son favorites words are...

    Bop-pop for soda pop

    Hop-pock for hot pockets

  131. My youngest likes to tell everyong one the I have a big blue f**k (aka truck) but we have got her to say trf**k now

  132. I'm a little late to the party, but my son used to say "bips" for chips, "nuggle" for snuggle, "slip-slops" for flip-flops, and "stabetti" for spaghetti. He's just recently grown out of "slip-slops"... I let him say it for 3 years without correcting him, because it was just too damn cute. But one day, he started saying it correctly on his own, and I could have cried. :(




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