Friday, November 12, 2010

The Lexicon of Tomato Green Minds

One thing that is awesome about Rants from MommyLand is the fact that so often, the comments are funnier than the actual posts.  We know what that says about us.  We thought we would ask you to contribute to the development of a new sort of dictionary (you know how we love our made-up words).  This dictionary is called "The Lexicon of Green Tomato Minds" and represents the words our children make up or get wrong and how these words are used. 

The Cap'n calls says our kids have "green tomato minds" because they're not ripe yet.  They have excellent brains, but they need to ripen in order to work properly.  If you need evidence of that, you can read some of the questions we're forced to ask them.  If you have children, you probably understand this very well already.  Though if I am any example of a red tomato mind... it may be time to make salsa.  Or ketchup.

Some examples for the lexicon:

Tardalard (noun): What you wear to gymnastics or ballet class.

Ho 'N' Tell (noun): Where you stay overnight when you go to your uncle's wedding.  Also, there's a lot of them by the beach near Grandma's house in Florida.

Pizzame (verb): What you yell at people when you're really mad.  When you yell this at someone, you're asking them if they want to fight.  Example: "OH YEAH?! YOU WANNA PIZZAME? CAUSE I'M RIGHT HERE!"  Also heard on the Jersey Shore.

Pussy (proper name): The green train engine who lives with Thomas on Sodor Island. I like to tell everyone I meet how much I love this.  Especially strangers in public places while using my outside voice.

Poopbrush (noun): The giant toothbrush looking thing that Mommy uses to clean out the potty.

Stomach Egg (noun): When your stomach really hurts, it's because of the stomach egg you have.

Man, Sure (noun): A man from France (and when you say this, you are speaking French, which is oh so fancy).

Condiments (noun): There are seven of them and we live on the one called North America.

Hey Dick (noun): When you bonk your head and it really hurts and you have to lie down, you have a hey dick.

Soil Milk (noun): It's milk that comes from dirt and not from cows and that's why you have to buy the vanilla kind or it tastes gross.

Sour Crap (noun): It's crap that they make sour in a factory and then grown-ups eat it on hot dogs and bratwurst.

We've lost more of these little terms and expressions in The Blur than we can ever remember, so we hope you can help us fill in some of the blanks. If you want to add your own awesomeness to this list, we'll be updating it all day.   If have you want to add a couple - email us at

xo, Kate & Lydia

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