Friday, November 12, 2010

The Lexicon - Part Doo

We're putting together a list of inappropriate and hilarious words that our kids either made up or got wrong and we called it "The Lexicon of Green Tomato Minds".  After looking over the emails and comments we've received, we were able to confirm that the people who read this blog are about a billion times funnier than we are and maybe the coolest people on earth.

"Shut" (noun): The messy stuff inside a tomato. For example: "Mom, there is a lot of shut inside this tomato, I got shut all over me."

"I-Lub-You" (phrase): Said when the speaker wants something from you.

"End's Meat" (noun): The leftover bits of sandwich meat mommy puts on your sandwich at the end of the week. As in, "Well, mommy is trying to make End's Meat, so she didn't buy more turkey."

"Ass Cream" (noun): What you get at Dairy Queen when you're visiting friends in Kentucky.

"Evapuation" (noun): The piece of paper your teacher sends home at the end of each week showing how well you did in class. Also, (verb): If you don't do well on your evapuation, then all the happiness evapuates in the whole house because mommy gets mad at you.

"Condom" (noun): When you go on a trip, you either stay in one of these (it's like an apartment) or in a ho'n'tell.  There are lots of both of these things at the beach.

"Smothercate" (verb): A combination of suffocate and smother.  Example: "MOOOOOOM! Stop! You're smothercating me!" When this condition applies to an adult child, the correct spelling becomes "sMOTHERcate" and can result in the adult child/victim of smothercation remaining single well into their thirties.

"Pooptail" (noun): What you find in your pants when you didn't get to the bathroom soon enough.

"Coocotter" (noun): An aircraft that is supported in the air by one or more rotors revolving horizontally. As in "Mom mom mom mom look mom look look look a coocotter!!! Looooook!!!!!"

"The Ho Depot" (name): A store where you buy mulch and hammers and stuff to work on your house. You might want to to try Lowe's for a while.

And, there's still a ton more in our inbox, so check back tonight and this weekend...we'll be making our kid-version of the MDR. How awesome is that?!?

xoxo Kate and Lydia
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